DCA news in the Register and 1 quick Q (urgent)

Friday, August 10, 2001 5:13 AM
I read in the Orange County Register that DCA wasn't doing well. The Entire article talked about why? Reasons point to tooo expenisive and not enough stuff to do. This really confused me cause I heard that Attendance doubled in June for the Electrical Parade.
The best part of the article was one that blew me away. Disney told the press there Fixer-uppers. And it's what we thought and heard all along.
Like Tower of Terror (a few feet underground, like we thought and knew)
New kiddie rides(these would be themed to A bug's Life.)
A playland like at WDW for Honey I shrunked the Kids
And a possibe ride in the final helix of California Screamin'(this one hasn't been okayed)

Really Quick, I'm going to DCA this morning, when the best times to go on California Screamin', Mullholland Madness, and Grizzly River Run?

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