Daytime crowds during Fright Fest?

Heading to SF Great Adv on Saturday Oct 22 and wondering whether to buy the Flash Pass. I purchased one at SFMM back in the Summer and it was VERY worth it, but also had one at Discovery Kingdom later that week and was not worth it at all. I could not tell from the website whether there are any restrictions or exclusions at SFGAdv, does anyone know about that? At Magic Mountain, they completely excluded X2 and only one ride on Twisted Col. By the time I figured out that X2 was excluded, the line was 1+hr. Has anyone been there lately to judge the crowds? Are there any rides closed for the season? What are the current recommendations on what to hit first as I read a post last month that El Toro had removed one of the trains?

Joker, El Diablo and Skull Mountain are Platinum Flash Pass only, you can reserve them as much as you want but double rides aren't allowed where you can stay in your seat for 2 rides in a row. Zumanjaro might be Gold and Platinum only (it switches on and off for regular Flash Pass).

It has been crowded on days the weather is ok. On Monday some of the coasters had over an hour wait and a Saturday is going to be bad. The first few hours the park is open, crowds will be manageable but by mid afternoon it will be extremely crowded. It is typical that the regular lot fills up, the overflow lot fills up and then they start parking cars in the Hurricane Harbor lot. After that fills up, they then use the grass near Hurricane Harbor. The park sets up overflow queues even for rides like Bizarro that don't have much of a line during the regular part of the season. The 22nd is likely going to be the 2nd or 3rd most crowded day of the year (Saturday the 29th should be slightly worse). Superman has been closed for a while and if it is still closed later this month that will only makes the lines for the other rides even worse since Superman is one of the more popular coasters in the park.

The only rides closed for the season are the water rides. El Toro is back to 2 trains.

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Noticed at Busch Tampa and at Universal that daytime is really *quite* empty during the Halloween season...even on weekends. Might be the only way I'll ever get back on Cobra's Curse...

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It's been 10 years since I've been to GAdv., but it was my home park for 3 years and Saturdays in October are slammed. Like Yoshi said, probably one of the busiest days of the entire year. Get there early, hit the low capacity things and high priority things in the first hour and, even with Flash Pass, don't count on doing anything (like walking or breathing) after 5 pm. If there's anyway to go on Fri or Sun instead it will still be crowded, but at least you won't feel like you're in a riot.

<insert obligatory suggestion about Knoebel's, Dorney, Hershey, and other nearby parks>

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I was there this past Monday and if that's any indication of 'not as busy as a Saturday'... I'd get the Flash Pass.

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