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Friday, July 27, 2001 6:53 PM
Turned out to be a nice day. Arrived to the park around 10am, got a good spot in line. First stop was at Batwing. I had been waiting for this since I heard about it. I thought I would be a little tense since I have never road this kind of coaster before but I wasn't. I thought is was great! I did have a little head ache afterwards but really enjoyed it. I thought the seats were comfortable as well. They use the new harnesses (like a life jacket) and they are padded and very soft. They really strap you in, I could hardly move. You don't fall in and out of the harness like some other rides I've been on, you stay put. I had my hands up the entire time or at least I tried to keep them up when we were coming out of loops, etc. Our picture came out ok, but we didn't get it. Everyone else's that we saw, showed mostly the backs of their heads. They need to find a better spot for the camera. We headed to Superman after this. Fantastic ride!!! Smooth and fast! I rode this 4 times in a row last year. That first drop is so exciting! I had my hands up as we went over the top and pretty much had them up till the end, except for some track crossings which look like they will cut your hands off if you leave them up. I didn't get on everything I wanted to but I had lots of fun and can't wait till next time!

Batwing is a must for the coaster fanatic!


I love coasters! (Profile Photo: Me (pink/green) on Superman @ Six Flags America in 2000)
Friday, July 27, 2001 7:35 PM
I hope X Flight can get a on ride photo. I dont understand why some people dont like this coaster it rocks and vekoma finaly makes a good coaster
Saturday, July 28, 2001 4:05 PM
glad you enjoyed your flight on batwing.that is my favorite coaster at SFA next to s:ros that is,you are exactly right with your statement regarding batwing as a must for the coaster fanatic.that ride rule's 100%.I'll be at SFA next saturday,8/4/01.and batwing is tops on my to ride list.

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