Day 3 Saturday June 21st Hersheys Zoo America and Chocolate world or NOT!

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Got up early on the 21st and we had planed on doing Hershey twice on this trip. To do the zoo and chocolate world and a couple majors and just take it easy and maybe head back to camp for supper for a saturday in which we try to avoid large parks due to waits ect.

Got on the road at 830am and were broke down in the car at 930 20 miles from anywhere. Thank God for cell phones and parents with internet to find us a wrecker and a mechanic on a saturday afternoon to fix it.

I looked at rob after we broke down. 20 dollar park which we could have fixed ourselves with a parts store and tools but were 20 miles in the middle of the mountains and not a chance of any of that. (Idler pully and serpentine belt) Told rob the line from Lampoons vacation which he though was NOT FUNNY (How much will it cost? How much ya got boy) well the wrecker driver treated us nice but raped us with a 170 dollar tow bill for 20 miles. The mechanic who fixed in in 15 minutes treated us pretty fair for staying a hour past his saturday hours to fix us.

130pm on a saturday in PA we decided to wash out Hershey as it would have been Zoo America by the time we would hae gotten there and headed back to camp to make dinner 3way chili and spaggetti I made before leaving thursday and froze. 6pm we decide to head back to Knoebels for a final Skooter, Phoenix, Twister and Flyer ride before the end of the day to pick up our mood. It did! Can't see ever visiting a whole day there on tickets it would cost a fortune but the lines weren't long and we even got a free show at the pavillion to boot and some Facination games to end the night for 20cents a game. Won a wash rag. LOL.

Next up Dorney Sunday June 22nd. Pleasant, Some surprises, Some dissapointments but still just Dorney.

Charles Nungester

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