Day 2/3 of SFMM (7/1/13)

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A friend of mine from the L.A. area who I haven't seen in a while joined me today, making the overall day much more enjoyable. I also got a gold flash pass. So without further ado...the coasters!
Viper = This is a great ride to start out with, seeing as this was the second time I did so.
Tatsu = Another re-ride. As usual, massive g's at the bottom of the Pretzel Loop.
Apocalypse = Very good. We almost rode twice because after the ride ended, our restraints (and ours only) refused to budge. Trapped forever on a dystopian wooden coaster!
Superman: Escape from Krypton = backwards launch to 100 mph was surprisingly nothing special. Over way to quickly.
Colossus = Very decent airtime for a wooden coaster. Basically an old Voyage, but not as high-rated.
Goliath = Airtime was great. Very sudden stop at the brakes. And I almost hit my forehead on the seat in front of me, thank God for the restraints.
Full Throttle = Re-ride from yesterday. Our guest was surprisingly unimpressed with its "lack of force".
Tatsu #3 = My guest sat this one out, and my dad rode this for the first time.

I was planning to ride X2 again - this time at night. But my guest was sick, and so therefore X2 was a no-no. Well, that's Day 2. Looking forward to tomorrow's rides; Batman, Scream!, Revolution, Green Lantern, and hopefully another X2 ride. Love that coaster. 'Till then, stay chill, adios!

P.S. If you found this through Facebook (you know who you are), feel free to comment on my post there (not here).

Wait, you had flash pass, and that's all you rode?

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Several reasons for that: 1) we got there at around 11:15, and (because our guest wasn't feeling well), left at around 6:45. 2) Long lunch...and, 3) Full Throttle's wait took out a good chunk of time (it wasn't available for Gold Flash Pass use). I'll definitely try to ride the rest tomorrow.

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