Day 2 DelGrosso's/Lakemont/Idlewild

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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 1:58 AM
We started our day at DelGrosso's in Tipton, PA. This is a family owned
park, which is very well maintained and has excellent Italian food. It all
looked good. The coaster here, Zkylon is a portable looking style unit
similar to the one that was at the I-X center in Cleveland, OH. After it
stopped raining (if the track is wet, S.O.P. the coaster doesn't run) we
bought our tickets to enjoy a very short but fun ride.
Now on to Lakemont. The nice entrance was a facade for the real park. We
were disappointed with the overall appearance of the park- no warm and
fuzzy feeling at all. Enough said about that....time to ride. Skyliner was
our first coaster to ride. Pretty cool "L" shaped double out and back. Good
airtime and we were able to view a minor league baseball game in progress
next door. Next ride, the Little Leaper (wife opted out on this one). What
can I say about a baby coaster-it's a baby coaster but it still goes
towards that coaster count. Next disappointment of the day-- Leap the Dips
was down for maintenance. I decided to check with park services to see if
the coaster was going to be operational that day. They told me "No" the
coaster needed some major repairs. The only reason we would return to this
park would be to ride Leap the Dips.
Last stop of the day- Idlewild. The park lives up to its motto "The most
beautiful park in the world" This is a great park for small children
especially if they like Mr. Rogers. We decided to ride the wild mouse
first. This is a good-looking ride as you walk through the queues. The lift
hill was cool because it tilted you to the right as you go up the hill. The
next thing that makes this ride stand out it the trees growing through the
structure-it makes it seem like you are going faster than you actually are.
The last element I enjoyed was the 2 head choppers. We really liked this
ride--rode it 3 times. The only other coaster in the park is Rollo Coaster.
This coaster is a terrain coaster, great airtime for a junior. What
surprised me about this coaster are the stationary lap bars.
End of Day 2

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