Day 2 and 3, Cedar Point!

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Ah….The Point, now I know what people mean when they say that it is the best park in the world, I haven’t been to that many parks in my life, but I think that this at last seems like the best park in the world. Why, you might ask? I’ll explain that in my trip report. (Oh yeah this is kind of an integrated trip report of two days at the Point).

CP +5!!

WT +4 1 Lap

A nice coaster. The twists on this baby are tighter then the ones on S: UE and V2, so it allows for more spinning, and it turns out, there is a better representations of 0-Gs. Also it was nice spinning next to the beach. The fact that it spins in the back was kind of trivialized because I was sitting in the second seat to the front. I wanted to take more laps, but when I went back the second day it was closed all day. Oh well, maybe next time I go.

DT +3 3 Laps

I don’t see what those people are complaining about when they bash the theming. I for one actually like coaster! I mean what can be bad about having a bobsled that’s pitch black for over half the ride. Oh well, they must be filed under the category of: “Grumpy old basturds who don’t know how to have fun.” (edited for purposes of a family site)

Wild Cat +2.5 1 Lap

This was really nice for a kiddie coaster, if you consider it a Wild Mouse, then it has my #2 spot behind Exterminator. But this coaster was sweet due to genius track design of Schwarzkopf, and beautiful twists and drops.

Iron Dragon +1.5 1 Lap

Yawn……. Ok, this wasn’t the most exciting coaster in the world. In fact it has my lowest spot for Suspended coasters, behind BBW and Top Gun. The end was the best of the ride I suppose, while swinging over the water and mist. Don’t wait more then 20 minutes for this coaster….

Millennium Force +5!! 2 Laps

Ok, this was an amazing coaster! If you like G-force, speed, and like having a good time…ride this. If you don’t, ride some stupid coaster that’s not fun, but stop bashing MF. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this coaster. And all that I have to say is, what does it matter? It is awesome and nothing will change that. But on to the review…I like how on at the top of the lift hill it seems like speed up, and in the back seat, it seems like it thrusts you down the 300 foot drop. And surprise! This coaster actually had some positive AND negative G’s, despite some other reviews…..But also I like the over-banked turns, and when it enters the island, you get some nice visuals then. And the fact that it was next to a beach always helps. Well I had my controversial moment for the day. (Oh wait one more in this review)

CCMR +1.5 2 Laps

Ah just any old mine train, nothing really special about it, it has the classic start-stop feel to it, and decent visuals. But didn’t really thrill me much…so I’m going to move on..

Mean Streak+4 5 Laps

Well I promised you controversy, and here you go. I absolutely loved this ride!! Good for my #3 woodie spot. Remember this beat out Roar, Wildcat at Hershey, and 2 CCIs (Villain and Hurricane). Flame all you want! The only woodies that surpassed it were Lightning Racer (LR and MS were actually very, very close together) and Beast. When you reach the top of this coaster you see that it’s higher then most woodies, but I still wasn’t expecting much from the reviews that I heard. But about 30 seconds after the first drop I was hooked. I liked how in the back you hang banked at the top of the 2nd and 3rd hill, I love how it turned out drop after drop, I loved how it on and on, just when you think it’s going to stop, it turns out a few more drops. I loved everything about it. Don’t believe me? Just go and ride it!

Gemini+3 (Blue 1 lap) (Red 2 laps)

So sue me, I count racers as two different coasters! But this was a decent racer. The race was fair, and side could win (although mine always seemed to lose…hmm). But this was a fun coaster, that wasn’t as rough as most people say. The helix at the end was pretty good, and you could actually slap hands with the other coaster train.

Woodstock Express +2 1 Lap

After being dejected from Gemini Jr. I trudged to WE, this coaster is ok for a kiddie coaster, has some nice twists and drops, would have been better if they would have given you more then 1 lap, but can you do? Magnum 0 2 LapsMagnum, Magnum, Magnum. Where did you go wrong? This is a case, where any pleasure derived is counterbalanced by the knee-gnawing, and roughness. The roughness was terrible, especially on the trip home, hill after hill of the uncomfortable restraint killing your legs. I don’t even want to think about it….onto the next coaster (nice queue line though, I have to say)

Corkscrew +1 2 Laps

Remind me again why I took 2 laps? This wasn’t that great of a coaster. I understand that people were awe when it first opened and they saw that they could not only be inverted over a mid-way, but also go through a loop and corkscrew in the same coaster! But now it’s just taking up space. It was very rough, while a little fun, not that good, you couldn’t even see the people under you. Mantis +3.5 1 LapAh the second half of Mantis…insane. I didn’t really think that it was as rough as people say, well I did ride in the front…that might have something to do with it….But nonetheless, the coaster also had some nice inversions: big loop, dive loop, inclined loop, and corkscrew. I wish I had gotten more laps on it….

Raptor +3.5 2 Laps

I still don’t see why this coaster has an hour-long wait. Considering the insane capacity it had (3 32 person trains, with little stacking). Oh well, it was intense, had a nice 0-G roll, smooth, and fun. It’s no top 5 coaster by any means. But still a nice coaster to have ridden. There’s not much more I can tell you about this coaster that you already know….so moving on.

Blue Streak +2 1 Lap

Not that great, not that terrible. I can’t really say much about this coaster, because I wasn’t really paying much attention, and I only rode it once. So…if you want an accurate review, there are plenty of them out there of Blue Streak.

So, in conclusion, CP was an amazing park, with a spectacular set of coasters, that are fun for the whole family, and can meet any coaster enthusiast’s wishes. I seem to be more impressed with this park then other people, I just think that almost every coaster here pitches in and does its job. We’ll just have to wait and see what 2003 has in store for CP.

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Paragraphs, my friend... no one will read a huge mass of text like that. Click edit.

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Paragraphs, please!

How much more floorless can they get?


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I was exactly like you about Magnum. It was rough, not exciting, terrible. Didn't see the attraction. Then, I went to Coaster Mania and my views of this ride changed. During ERT I thought I was riding another coaster! It felt like I was going to fly out.

So, coasterempire, if you want to have an enjoyable time on Magnum definetly take the trip out to Coaster Mania.


Jeff said:

Paragraphs, my friend... no one will read a huge mass of text like that. Click edit.

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin -,
"We used to hate people, now we just make fun of them. It's more effective that way." - KMFDM, "Dogma"

Sorry Jeff, when I copy/pasted from Microsoft that's what happened, I'll go changed it now.

Never bash the great one, Magnum! All hail Magnum!! Beats out the force any day!

Top 10:
10)MF 9)Medusa 8)Raptor 7)DD Fire 6)S:RoS 5)Boulder Dash 4)Hulk
3)Beast 2)Nitro

Stitch said:Never bash the great one, Magnum! All hail Magnum!! Beats out the force any day!

As much as magnum gives an insane amount of airtime, it was the roughest ride i ever rode...ever! it was rougher than FoF before the lap bars. rougher than meanstreak and gemini. rougher than corkscrew! despite the 15 min wait it had all day on both days me and my friend went, we only rode it twice. the 2nd time hoping the back would make it smoother, but obviously the front and back are just as rough.

my conclusion...change the track to intamin and bring in some intamin trains with the T bar!!!

The ride given by Magnum varies greatly from time to time and from seat to seat. If you find it real rough, I suggest trying to ride in the middle of one of the cars. Try seat 5-2 or even 6-2 for a smoother ride with still strong air (not as strong as 1-3) and a great feeling on the drop. Many people like 1-3 (the ejector seat), but there are probably as many people that just can't handle its "goodness." ;)

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I like all seats on Magnum. I went there for the 4th and 5th ( to lazy to write a TR ) and it easily beat out MF for my number one steel coaster.

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While Magnum's airtime does hurt a little now, I still consider it one of the best coasters out there. New lap bars would be ncie though.

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