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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 1:53 AM
The wife and I decided to start our 3-day excursion at Conneaut Lake Park.
Our first impressions of this park were good ones, for a historic park it
was well kept and had a nice atmosphere. Our original plan was to just pop
in and ride the Blue Streak and then head for Waldameer. However, what
looked good on paper didn't quite work out in reality. Blue Streak was down
so we decided to check the rest of the park out. First thing on the revised
agenda was a snack so we opted for a funnel cake. To my surprise, the food
attendant pulled it out of a plastic bag and heated it in the vat of oil.
It was edible but that's all. Now we moved on to playing Fascination. I won
2 tickets so we decided to see what I could get with my tickets. I found a
Blue Streak pin I wanted but it was 5 tickets. (The pin is no longer
available that's why I wanted it) Feeling pretty confident, we went back to
the game. I got my butt kicked by my wife. She won the next 3 games. Even
though the end result was the same, we got the pin; my male ego was
bruised. Time to ride, the Blue Streak was running. First impression of
this ride from the back seat-- OUCH! Kudos to the marathoners-14 hours on
this ride continuously- I don't think so! Nice layout, decent airtime and
I were glad to be back at the station. After a 10 minute break (the wife
opted not to ride the second time), I enjoyed the front seat ride, it was
less violent then the back seat. If you haven't rode this classic, you
should try before it fades away.
Next stop Waldameer Park. This park gave us a nice comfortable feeling. We
decided to skip the water park-it was packed. Time to ride the Comet (the
only coaster in the park). This is a decent junior wood coaster. No airtime
but it was pretty peppy. We hit the spin and pukes- great selection.
Their elephant ears are enormous--the largest I've ever seen--definitely
lives up to the name "elephant ear". It covered 3 paper plates. Since the
park was crowded, we decided to finish the day with a side trip to the
area's lighthouse. I was disappointed that we couldn't go into the
lighthouse but I got some great pics of it from the beach (hopefully).
End of Day 1

Born to Ride - Forced to work!
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 7:43 PM
The best seat on the Blue Streak isn't the very last seat, its the next to the last seat... and I've found the front car to have HORRIBLE laterals... so much to cutting my ankle on a wicked turn (after the banked turn)...
Did you go on the Devil's Den? My favorite comment heard while riding this is... "This is so stupid its FUN!" the turns are wild, the gum wall is NASTY (they actually painted over it and its returned again) and the "themeing" is much to be said for... but I still love the park and all the memories I have there :)

AIM: Pritti Kittie

Idora... Always in memories
Thursday, August 16, 2001 1:08 PM
No we didn't do the devils den. I was planning on riding the Ultimate trip but it was down. I heard about the gum wall... some kids were planning to add to it. I hope the public offering saves the park. I enjoyed the time I had there very much.

Born to Ride - Forced to work!

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