Dave's Orlando Adventure, Day 2 (Universal)

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Befor leaving for my trip I picked up the 85.95, 5 day internet Ticket deal, for a 2.00 fee you can get your ticket out of the vending machines when you arrive.

IOA- arrived at 8:05 and walked on Hulk, the launch is great but the ride is nothing special after that- Got stuck for 10 Min on the brakes. When I got off finally there was already a long line, and the Express Pass machines were still not on, so I walked on back, somehow missing Spiderman, so I have to get that in tomorrow (monday)

It was frigid so I walked right on by Jurasic Park and went to the Dragons, (yes, John, I got your shirt) three rides on each front and back, all walk ons. I think that the dualing effect is better in the back than the front all you see is feet flying at you. A really cool ride better than expected.

I next walked on around and decided to get breakfast at City Walk, a halfway decent 7.00 breakfast. From there I went to the studios, where I checked out Twister for the first time, this thing is so much like Backdraft in Hollywood, a great show the roof moving up and down the whole time was neat.

From there I walked on around to MiB and got in ths single line again those lines are great, it was a shorter wait than Express pass. Halfway thru the ride came to a shuddering E-stop, the place is so quiet with all the effects off only the lights stayed on, along with work lights, we sat there at least 10 min. then upon reset all the cars began to spin wildly back to there "home" position, where of course all scores were reset to 0.

For Back to The Future I got an Express Pass and walked on in 10 min. First time on the top Deck, you can actually see the ceiling on that row. By now the park was getting packed and being that the BTF express pass guy didnt swipe the passes I was unable to get a new one for Terminator. By this time 12:30 I decided to get rid of that stinking shirt i was still carring so i went back to the Hotel this is when i discovered that the phone still did not work, and watched how other customers were brushed asside by the surrly staff. so I called Ramada on my cell and got a room at the Ramada Plaza Main Gate, 89.00 with breakfast, but it was clean and comfortable and the phone worked, of course it also exceded my budget by 20 a night so I got on line with Orbitz and booked the Best Western Movieland, across the freeway from Universal, 59.00.

This whole fiasco wasted about 4 hours and it was close to 6:00 by the time I got back to IoA, where the crowds were still horrid, so I just got in Posiden's Fury than went over to the Studios and took in. Alfred Hitchcock and Terminator, I was supprised to see how much smaller this theater is verses its counterpart in Hollywood. By 9:00 I was beat and took the 10MPH crawl back down I4 to US 192.

Tomorrow, Busch Gardens, and finally the hotel i should have booked in the first place, and will again.

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Awesome Dave, wish things woudl have turned out different and I could have went with ya.

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I stayed at the Ramada Main Gate last year and wasnt real impressed with it. I was down there on one of those timeshare vacations and that is where they stuck us. I had just horrid service there and I shant be returning.

I am honestly beginning to believe that Orlando is just like Sandusky. If you dont stay on resort (i.e. Disney or Universal) expect crappy service. I think it is a matter of all the employees at these hotels are people that werent good enough for Disney or good enough for Universal.

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Next time check e-bay or skyauction.com because you can get a timeshare deal. I've stayed in 2 bedroom, 1400+ sq. ft. timeshares the last couple of years and paid less than 400.00 for a week at each. VERY nice places, also.

Bob there are two Ramadas there one on the north side of the road and one on the south side, I was at the one on the south it is half INN and half Plaza, I was in the Plaza tower, the one across the street is the Ramada Resort


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Dave's Trips

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I'm going down to Orlando next week, and found this rate... only available on expedia.

Best Western Florida Mall: includes 2 doulble beds, and a free breakfast buffet (not continental, but real food) and free transportation to Universal, Disney, and Sea World.

Grand total? $29.00 per night. Gotta love traveling in January. I'd pay more than that just for breakfast and parking at the parks!

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