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Thursday, January 24, 2002 7:49 PM
I'm typing this while I still really remember it. No telling what'll happen tomorrow. I apologize for any misspelling and what not. I've still got one tied on.

First of all, the place is crazy. The restaurant half of the joint is nice, and the food is fairly above average. Service was excellent and they had a small army of people waiting on us.

There were a ****load of people there from GTTP, all of which I'll never remember names (I have a hard enough time with names when I'm sober, far worse when I'm drunk). Steph and I were there, Tim (One And Only Coaster God/Old Timer Tim), Lois (Tim's wife, Oceana Forever), Gemini (Walt), Shivering Tim (Scott), Pete, Dan and Brian Haverlock, Maria (Dan's date), Kicks the Sky (Kristen), a guy who worked Raptor (forget the name), SpartyonCP/Jeff Spartan, Joe E., and others, unfortunately I forget the names, and finally Red Garter Rob, who indeed is a real person (never met him before, oddly enough). Around 25 people total, if I had to guess.

Anyway, after eating, we adjourned to the midway, where Dan was producing an ungodly amount of tickets. He even spotted me so I could get a Coke volleyball for 900 tickets, which would go to one of my kids for some drill or goal or something. Thanks Dan!

Rob tried to orchestrate an 8-person Daytona game, but we ended up being in 3 and 5 person groups. This is what happens when you get drunk people trying to swipe magentic cards.

They had a fascination-esque game where we filled the entire row of 12 (with the racing horses), and out of three or four plays, Dan and Maria managed to get most of the games. Bastards. It's probably because of Dan drinking only girlie drinks.

Some of us played this six-person shoot-em-up thing, and oddly enough, Pete (who I think had the most alcohol) managed to outscore the rest of us. Bastard!

Dave Althoff suggested to me once that I set off a camera flash at a shooting gallery to see what happens. Sadly, because this one keeps score, nothing happens, but I'm still anxious to see what happens at CP.

As far as bar prices go, they're pretty typical for a large-scale place. $4.25 for a draught Labatt Blue, which is pretty average. Game prices varied, and since they used credits on a swipe card, I don't know how much they were. All I know is I bought $20 worth and had a little left over.

All in all, this was the first time I consumed alcohol in several months, mostly because doing so as an uneployed person would feel suspiciously like being an alcoholic. It was a very nice release. Good to see the peeps I know, and good to tie on one. It was long overdue!

I'll try and get some photos on www.sillynonsense.com tonight!

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Thursday, January 24, 2002 8:03 PM
Dave & Busters is a very fun place to be.  There's one in Pittsburgh only a few miles away from Kennywood (and, coincidentally, even closer to my house.  I'm there somewhat regularly ;) )

Sorry I missed the gathering, but that'd have been a bit of a trip for me.  I'd be up for a Pittsburgh variation on the theme, though.

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Thursday, January 24, 2002 8:53 PM
Photos here...


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"As far as I can tell it doesn't matter who you are. If you can believe, there's something worth fighting for..." - Garbage, "Parade"


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