Darien Lake ending season early

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The state's largest theme park said it will end its summer season four weeks early this year as its corporate parent continues to suffer financial problems. Six Flags Darien Lake, located halfway between Rochester and Buffalo, is one of six properties being considered for sale by parent company Six Flags because of financial losses. As of July 31, the park had already reduced operating hours five out of seven days and closed two rides, including a major roller coaster. The new closing date is Oct. 1.

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The regular gate price is totally irrelevant in this case. If the gate price were $10 or $1000, the season pass was sold under the assumption that, for $60 you could get in the whole season.

I'm not arguing either way about the date changes, but just pointing out that whether or not it "already paid for itself" is irrelevant.

Actually, from at least the promotions I hear about SFGAm, they state the pass pays for itself in less then 2 visits, is good for the regular season, and Fright Fest is included free.

To me that says the regular season doesn't include Fright Fest and it is a bonus with your pass kind of like when they give you discounts on merchandise and foods at some of the other SF parks when you show your pass.

By saying Fright Fest is a bonus, that says to me if they discontinued it, they are not liable for anything.

the season pass was sold under the assumption that, for $60 you could get in the whole season.

And you can use it the whole season. (just so happens that they are cutting their season a little short)

This is not a comment more a question. Who knows exactly when Darien Lake is done for the season? My cousin is planning a trip out there for the september long weekend so I told him darien lake is closing early this year. It would be wise to hold up so I can find out.*** This post was edited by CoasterDiscern 8/14/2006 4:21:42 PM ***
Website says the final operating day is Oct. 1st.
This sucks.:(
Hi everyone!

just wanted to let you in on a conversation I had with a customer service manager at SFDL in August of last year. I was there for Kingdom Bound 2006.

I asked him about the rumors concerning DL closing. He said that they were not going to close,as there wasn't any great land value there.But he said that if and when they sell that Darien Lake would remain open and would reopen in 2007. He said that they were closing early last year, because there were times for the Octoberfest where the weather prevented people from coming.So they made the decision to close earlier to prevent that from happening again.

As to the rides closing the Predator and Grizzly Run are being rennovated, and will reopen in the future. As for the Batman show that was closed to make way for a different show to come in for a change.

So I guess that pretty much means that it will be Darien Lake again. I can't wait to be back up there again this year year for KB 2007.We camp up there for almost the whole week, and have a blast.

I did make a complaint to the mgr in reference to the prices of the food and drinks at the park. I had explained that I was a single mom and unemployed and had to pinch pennies to be able to go once a year to the park, and I said that the high prices just weren't worth the quality of the stuff offered. And that I no way could afford to eat at the park with the prices the way they are. HE noted that ,and said he'd pass that on. I know it won't but he was very courteous and kind,and that is part of the reason why I continue to love DL.

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