Darien Lake: 3 hour Drive...Was it worth it? Read Inside

So for whatever reason, my father decided that the day before classesbegan it would be a good idea to take a road trip to an amusement park.Not complaining though, because I rode some awesome coasters, met somefellow Enthusiasts and had a great day.

Arrived at the park around 2:30, 3ish after leaving Kent, Ohioaround 11am. My father went online and purchased the $32.99/personticket, $11.95/person cheeseburger deal, and the $7.99 parking voucher.Pretty good stuff.

Walked into the park, metal detectors and all, headed toward therestrooms first stop...which are small...and then over to Predator.

Predator-1 train wait for both front and back
Oh man, this coaster has an awesome lay out, the back is great forall the unexpected drops. While the front is amazing for Airtime...yesI said AIRTIME. For a wooden coaster, next to the Big Dipper (R.I.P.)not very many woodies carry "smooth" airtime. Lots of unexpectedelements, bunny hills were great, hairpin turns everything. 10/10

Ride of Steel-1+ hour wait with Mechanical Breakdown
Ahhh, Intamin, love to hate them, hate to love them. My very firstChain lifted Intamin. Waited in line for the front and it broke down.Was talking to fellow coaster enthusiasts from New Hampshire. Waitedfor 20 mins, and the ride was back up again. I really dislike the anklerestraints on here, but I can understand why they were needed. Had aLOT of "FLOATER" airtime. Bad part was this was a pretty shortcoaster....good part, if I can get back and ride the back of the train,this MAY replace Millennium in my top 3 coasters.... :o 9.8/10

We walked around for a bit, checked out the batting cages $2 for 20Balls, not bad, and a great element. Grabbed food at Joe'sEatery...pretty decent. Walked toward the Penny Arcade, and played afew rounds of DDR :) Drew a crowd for that.

Moto Coaster- 10 min wait.
Bads: You can not choose where you would like to sit, there is AMPLEopportunity for Line Jumping, and the ride ops seem to have poorattitudes.
Goods: Looks slow, but once on it has a nice kick, restrain system doesn't kill like most Zaperela coasters/rides. 7/10

Checked out the Sea Lion show at the Galaxy Theater. 3 southern sealions, Bruce, Rose, and Kitty. Great show and afterward groups up to 5people could take a photo with the Sea Lion and have them "hug" you. Myfather and I did it. PROPS to this park for the show...great lesson oneducating about sea lions, and conservation/saving the environment.

Headed out to the car, moved it closer and went back in. Also props tothe Guest Relations team for dealing with my ink allergy issue. Greatwork, guys!

8pm, 3 coasters in 2 hours? Maybe.

Mind Eraser-40 Min Wait
Worth the wait? No way! Bads: Que line is VERY VERY poorly laid out,not to mention confusing. Ride ops were not very organized. There areNO closing gates, meaning some Drunk Idiot could potentially run infront of the train as it is either leaving or entering the station.
Goods: Not very many except that the coaster doesn't headbang as much as Thunderhawk did.
Interesting: Cable lift instead of Chain....Vekoma Cable lift meant quieter lift hill... very interesting indeed. 6/10

Viper: 1 Train Wait for back
Bads: Exit is ALL the way on the other side of the coaster, long walkto the entrance if you accidentally go to the exit. Head banger forsure, but what arrow looper isn't?
Goods: Suprising Elements, including my very first HEARTLINE ROLL! :oYAY! :) The tunnel which appears out of NO WHERE, and quick loading.Overall this was a great coaster, one of the best, if not the bestArrow Loopers I've been on. 9.8/10

Rode this ride called the UFO...

UFO-1 ride wait
A rotor type coaster, in which you stand in a "cage" and the ridetwists out to a full 90 degree angle...wow. Also pulls some SERIOUSG's, going probably 45 MPH...Great Flat ride. Cedar Point needs on forSURE! 10/10

Bad thing about the day was we didn't get all coasters, and the linesclosed 15 mins early. But I am guessing it was because they hadfireworks. This was a great park, and I'd love to go back OVER andOver...maybe even work there. Reminds me more of Geauga Lake than anyother park has. And props to PARC for not letting it fail once SixFlags was gone! 98/100

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Nice report, glad you had such a good time!

I hate Predator! I think it's just as bad this year as any! Glad to hear you enjoyed it though!

Heartline roll, on Viper? Hmm...


Rode this ride called the UFO...

UFO-1 ride wait
A rotor type coaster, in which you stand in a "cage" and the ridetwists out to a full 90 degree angle...

Not sure how you can refer to this a a "coaster..." It's a Round-Up with a twist, and I loved it...I had never seen one until two days prior, when I rode Night Mares at Canada's Wonderland. Longer cycle, and faster.

I had always heard bad things about Predator, and they proved prophetic. I found R:OS far inferior to its cousin in Maryland. In comparison, DL's pales on speed, forces, laterals, airtime, and comfort...

I don't think you mentioned the Boomerang, smoothest of its type I ever rode.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


You know, when I made my first visit back to DL in 18 years this summer, I was completely blown away by ROS. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, and instead ended up falling in love with this beautiful steelie. We only got one ride in because of the heavy rains and crowds, but I'll treasure the one I did get....

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I remember riding ROS in 1999 with the knowledge that Cedar Point's new coaster for next year, Millennium Force, would have similar track and trains. Needless to say, by the end of our first ride we were VERY excited for the 2000 season at Cedar Point.

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