Darien Lake 2015

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According to screamscape darien lake is getting a new ride called super loop similar to the ones coming to the six flags parks.

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But are they calling it a coaster?

Isn't Six Flags is calling them coasters on their website?

Does that mean I can too?

If it goes backwards can I count it twice?

Please... someone... tell me what to do!!!! I cannot think for myself!!!

Deja Vu... it's not just a coaster in Idaho anymore.

I haven't checked, but I hope in conveying this important news Screamscape could find their cap key.

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Don't you know, Mac? It's kool to not use caps.

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And to have your website constantly look like it was designed in the 90s.

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I've never actually been to Screamscape until just now. That is a state of the art website. From the 90s.

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I can easily overlook Screamscape's flaws as a trade off for the awesome, in depth content. I love that website!

As far as the Super Loop goes, it's really nothing to get overly excited about.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

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Who cares if Screamscape looks like it's from the 90's? It's a great site full of absolutely reliable news and rumors. (wait... what?) And it's 100 times better than any website design that I can ever hope to do.

About Screamscape, just my 2 cents.
I've read it faithfully for years and I will say I rely on it for news and pay less attention to the rumors. And as far as the news goes, there's plusses and minuses.
On the plus side, I get items from and about parks that I rarely hear about, particularly small parks and foreign parks. There is also an occasional item about something that may be loosely related- non roller coaster stuff like water parks, those mountain coasters, FEC's, haunts, stuff like that.
On the minus side, I'd say the overall writing, spelling, and grammar sucks. He really should pay better attention or perhaps employ a proof reader or something. For instance, there was a recent story about the "measeles" at Disneyland, and that's just a recent example.

But, having said that, I actually agree with Tommy's tongue in cheek observation that it's chock full of stuff. Today's entry included many topics, articles and news items and I can't think of many websites that attempt to keep us up to date on so many subjects from around the world. So I really appreciate that aspect of the site and my hat goes off to anyone who bothers to pull it all together in one place for us. It's got to be hard work.

As far as the dated look goes, I guess I care less about that than some of us. So far it's still working for me.

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I check NPN occasionally, and SS infrequently.

I hear there's some other site, but it always comes up as ******.

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I get my drugs at Target because of the bottles -- I'm shallow, I like pretty things.

I'll go poke around Screamscape; you guys say it's a good resource, I'll trust you.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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I use Target pharmacy because I LOVE Target. Seriously, I avoid buying basic things from anywhere else. I even used Target paint and wallpaper when we re-did our bathroom and bedroom.

Also, the bottles are pretty neat.

I thought I was really groovin' on the pretty "bottles" until I looked at the pretty "thing". I'd say you have fine taste in all things there, Slith.

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I heard one of my coaster bloggers mentioned this. I thought did six flags buy back Darien Lake?

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Koolcat: Darien is owned by CNL Lifestyle Properties (which also owns, among other things, Elitch Gardens and the Great Wolf Lodges in Sandusky and Wisconsin Dells). Darien was managed for a few years by Herschend starting in 2011.

RCMAC: Thank you. :)

Let me trade out my coaster geek hat for my design geek hat. I've long been a customer of Target, in no small part to the company's dedication to good design. The Up & Up product line packaging is elegant, clean and simple. And the easy thing to have done, would have been to use the same been-around-for-decades prescription bottles every other pharmacy uses. I like that they took the time and the money and made prescription bottles better and easier to read.

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Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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I totally dig their packaging, too. I really like the newest changes to Up & Up - Our house is pretty much decked out in Threshold, some Room Essentials, Smith and Hawken stuff - and the kitchen is stocked with Market Pantry/Archer Farms/Simply Balanced.

We use Up & Up paper/cleaning products, etc.. It doesn't hurt that it's always 5% off on Cartwheel, plus 5% with the RedCard. I really do love that store. Haha

I so want to try the adhesive wallpaper and paint + primer in the pretty pale blue-gray-green color they have at Target. They have little sample bottles for cheap...

I'm a Target junkie. I know I shouldn't be, but I can't help it. We have at least five of them within 40 miles of my house, and I know the layout of each one and which ones are best to go to for shoes versus best home decor stock versus BluRays etc. I might actually need an intervention.

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Excuse the bubbles - I've had to work on smoothing them out a bit - and the house was built in 1939, so there's no such thing as a square wall/straight line here. :) That's all Target color and adhesive wallpaper.

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So Darien Lake is getting wallpaper and paint from Target in 2015 and adding something that looks like Raven-Phile's bedroom? Did I miss something? ;-)

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Who wouldn't want to relax in a coaster station that looked like that :-)

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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