Darien Lake - June 7th 2004

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Just got back from Darien Lake Today - it was my first visit. We entered the park about 10:10. The park was empty for the most part. We headed over to Superman. We sat towards the front of the train, those shin bar things are not fun what so ever. One train operation, 1:50 loading intervals... took for ever. We only had to wait four trains to get on, and it took 20 minutes. The ride itself, when I rode it was a pretty big letdown... the first and second hill was lots of fun... the rest of the ride was so slow.

Next we did Boomarang, I thought it was fun, I've been on Sea Serpent at Moreys Pier before, so it was nothing new. I did it twice in about 10 minutes. Then we headed over to the Predator... one train operation, 25 minute wait. Wow! That ride was amazing. Best wooden coaster I've been on.

Then we decided to go over to the Vortex it was a nice ride the drop was fun. Then we went and had a quick bite to eat at the "Food Complex" located on the midway the Vortex drops you out on. Then we did the Ranger, those lap bars were tight. We then did the Mind Earaser It was fun but hurt like a beast! Foe the rest of the day everything was pretty much walk ons, I did most of the rides two more times and an assorment of flat rides. We also saw the Batman Thrill Stunt Show. I personally thought it was a very nice show - lots of action.

On a side note I tried Superman again later in the day, I got the back of the train - made the ride 100% better. It was alot more intense and more airtime, I guess its those helixes that just bore me.

It was a pretty nice day at the park nice weather, no crowds, not many rides had break downs. Only complaints I had was the one train operations the first few hours, and if thier not going to have photos for Mind Earaser, then why have the booth? Its all run down and crappy looking. So... It was a great day and worth a visit.

P.S. Thier was a mechanic working on the other train on Superman today, it should be on soon, thier were only four rows that didn't have the modifications complete yet.

There is no Vortex at SFDL...it's called VIPER

but glad you had fun, good TR

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I'm glad you liked SFDL. When I was there last October, Mind Eraser and Predator were both closed.

Where did you sit on Predator? When I last rode both (May 2001), I thought Mind Eraser was smooth, but Predator was painful. I distinctly remember sitting at the back of the train and lurching forward into the lapbar at the base of every hill. Later that day we rode Superman, Mind Eraser and Viper multiple times, but avoided Predator (once bit, twice shy).

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Predator is smooth if you sit in the front row of each car.
Yes! a Fellow supporter of my all around favorite ride and someone who knows where to sit. First row of the second last car is just plain fun. Sadly I have yet to ride a rollercoaster this year (although I've been out to darien lake to work every weekend [at the main ring toss]). GLad to hear you had a good time.

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