Darian Lake $10 deal

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Got this in an e-mail from the park. http://www.godarienlake.com/promo1.aspx

The offer is only good today from 4-6 PM. Tickets can be used any day in August.

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I might pay 9 bucks for Darien but not 10.

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Well the offer is over now anyways.

We had a great day there. I don't see why everyone seems to dislike this park. For that matter it seems that many dislike all Six Flags or former Six Flags parks.

We have been to 4 different ones and while none of the days were perfect. They were all fun. And just for comparison sake, I have had less then stellar days at CF parks too.

Superman Ride of steel is worth the $10.00 by itself. ( yes, I know lose the Superman but it sounds stupid just calling it Ride of steel). Ride of Steel is one of my favorite coasters. I always have fun at Darien Lake, I do not understand why some people hate this park. I have fun at all current and past 6 flags parks. The only one that I think sucks is 6 Flags America. They have nice rides there but the employees are horrible.

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I have yet to visit an SF park that I disliked so much I would never return.

Everyone has an opinion. So be it.

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Coasterfreak, We were at SFA earlier this year. The employees were great, the park was clean and the coasters although limited in number were quite good. The other advantage was there were no lines.

We were speaking with GR at the end of the day. They admitted that it was not that way 2 years ago.

Ok, Ride-O-Steel is worth ten bucks, but I'm not one to only consider the roller coasters in my assessment of a parks merits.

I thought Darien was totally rag-tag and the whole place seemed like one big afterthought in terms of placement and themeing. The layout was strange, rides were junky, there was chain link everywhere, and the food sucked. I thought the employees were ok, but the other patrons? Not so much. I kinda couldn't wait for my day there to be over.

So, thanks to Dave for bringing this brief offer to everyone's attention, and just my opinion, but I'm afraid even if I was local I'd have to pass!

Davestroem, I am glad to hear SFA has changed we were there about 5-6 years ago. We had the worst experience ever at this park. We were on a coaster trip plus touring D.C. and planned on a day and half stay at SFA. We only stayed a couple hours as the place was a dump (trash everywhere) and the ride ops did not care about safety. We did not feel safe riding rides. The place seemed like an accident waiting to happen. That was the only time I ever regretted spending time at a 6 flags park. I however do think that CP is the best amusement park ever, but have never passed up an opportunity to visit a 6 flags park.

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2009 What a great year!

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Last time I visited Darien Lake I paid 10 dollars. It was an opening day special. Well worth ten dollars, if I had read this post earlier I would have bought some as I have been looking for a reason to go up there. Maybe hit Martin's too, never been there.

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