Dania Beach roller coaster shut down

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The wooden roller-coaster in Dania Beach visible from the Interstate-95 since its opening 11 years ago has closed, according to Boomers, the entertainment company that shared the property with the ride. The GM of Boomers said owners informed him “a couple of days” earlier about plans to halt operations of what was billed as the tallest wooden coaster in Florida.

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Oh damn! I hope it gets relocated somewhere. It is a pretty good ride by golly.

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That sucks. Dania was a top 10 coaster IMHO. The story doesn't give a lot of detail about what they plan or want to do now. Maybe a new owner/operator can be found and leave it in it's current location.

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Damn, that's a shame. 'twas a good ride.

I liked that ride a lot - it was nighttime, it was a beautiful evening after a rainy day, and we were the only customers. I don't know how busy the place ever gets, but it's certainly no destination, and I'm not surprised if it failed. As mentioned, no actual reason for the closure is given in the article.

I never realized it was shared property with separate attractions feeding off each other. And the Boomer's GM is busy making statements to distinguish their business from the coaster? Too bad they don't just take the thing over and make it part of Boomer's. I seem to remember other outdoor thrill attractions on the grounds and now I wonder who owns those? I should have paid better attention to how things were priced.

Boomers seems confident that it will maintain business the way it did before the coaster arrived. Perhaps, but I think there's a better chance of that happening if the coaster is gone! You can easily see the coaster and other high rides from the freeway, and there will be those that see it, mistake the place for an amusement park, and be dissapointed to find it closed. And probably leave.

This all seems very weird. I guess we wait and see what the deal really is.

Damn! Passed by this coaster 3 times and never rode it.

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Tortorella said he did not expect the coaster’s shutdown to hurt business at Boomers, which operates an indoor arcade and 12 rides of its own

Is that not a little naive?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Boomers is a Palace Entertaiment property, a Parques Reunidos company. It wouldn't surprise me if they are going to look into obtaining the coaster.

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I am shocked and saddened y this news. DBH was one of my favorite wood coasters that I have been on. I really hope someone saves this ride. Knoebles? Holiday World? Someone please snatch up this amazing coaster!

Dania Beach Hurricane was special. It wasn't very tall, but it packed a punch and had some interesting pacing. It featured small jump hills before the crests and drops, and an awesome shallow drop that curved to the rights just a little, which made it very unique. There are many POV videos of it online.

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I just now read on Screamscape that the ride was closed down because the owner has declared bankruptcy.

Too bad. I enjoyed that ride quite a bit on my visit.

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This sucks. This is one of my favorite wooden coasters. Hopefully it finds a good home.

Certain victory.

It is a good, bordering on great, coaster but it comes as no surprise that it is closed. I went to Boomers regularly with my kids and I don't recall ever seeing more than six or seven people on that ride...even on the weekends.

Maybe it was busier at night and my kids were too young to be out then. But, I have to believe maintenance alone for a wooden coaster would have been a pretty significant expense. There were rumors for a while of them adding a steel inverted to compliment the woodie but obviously, that never materialized.

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What I find surprising is that it took 9 whole posts before someone mentioned Knoebels relocating it.


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^ Raven-Phile Likes this.

Knoebels would not relocate it until after they get Flying Turns operational... and by that time the wood from the Hurricane would either have rotted away to dust or become fossilized.

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I'm not saying Knoebels will or even should move It. But, the rack that Flying Turns hasn't kept them from adding new attractions and making improvements to the park.

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If this coaster is lost, I'll be pretty disappointed. It wasn't the greatest ride ever, but it was a really solid wooden coaster, had an amazing finish when it was running well, and offered the enormous population of South Florida a chance to ride without the 3-hour drive to Orlando. It was never well-advertised and seemed to never really become a part of the community. I remember the only time I had to actually wait for a ride - it wasn't the coaster event there (around 02 maybe?)...it was when they had a radio station broadcasting from the platform area. Probably had about a dozen days where I rode anywhere from a few to a *bunch* of laps, depending on how it ran.

Hopefully Dutchman's statement holds some promise and Palace comes in with money. I don't even think there's a need for another coaster to complement the ride, seems to me what it could really use is a PLAN. Some community involvement (sponsor a couple local little-league teams?), a flashy flat ride with tons of lights to draw more attention along the interstate, and most importantly by far - better road signage and access from the adjacent interstate, because driving through the run-down industrial area near the "park" isn't really a bonus... ;)

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What they need is some money from Pepsi.

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