Dania Beach Hurricane Set To Open

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The Dania Beach Hurricane, a 100 foot tall new woodie at Boomers, formerly Grand Prix Race-O-Rama scheduled to finally open after months of delay. The coaster, built by CoasterWorks, has been under construction since early may, and was originally schedueled for a late August/early september opening. For More info and pictures check out the website at www.daniabeachhurricane.com, or the florida coaster club website at http://members.aol.com/flcoasters/.

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I rode the brand new Dania Beach Hurricane, 20 times, on Saturday November 4th during the ERT event with ACE and FLCC. The Hurricane is a welcome and long over due addition to South Florida. It is a great, high speed, albeit short (110 seconds according to the sign in the station) woodie, that provides a wonderfully smooth and thrilling ride with A LOT of air time. You'll be secretly thanking the inventor of the up stop wheels, because you can feel the train leave the tracks at a few points. The coaster is in an L shaped layout but the actual ride takes place in the longer part of the L. The short part consists of the Loading station and the lift hill. The train leaves the station then proceeds to bank left 180 degrees to reach the base of the lift hill. Once you reach the top of the lift hill the track dips down slightly giving the train just enough momentum to turn right and creep up a small rise that goes into the first drop. From there it's all speed as the train raises back up to the farthest bank turn that goes along the interstate, you have a second or two to wave to the passing cars right before the train hits another drop that sends the train into the interior banked turn around. The track drops down with a slight tilt to the left then right where, "smile", you pass the photo spot. Then a slight rise and sharp left into the final turn around below the track of the first turn around (fun head choppers here) Then its into my personal favorite part of the ride which is the final return run over the 3 major air time inducing bunny hops. Finally there is a sharp left that brings you into the straight away containing the breaks that bring the ride to its end. With applause you taxi into the station, the train stops, the lap bar releases, you undo the seat belt, climb out, head down the stairs and leave. Before you leave you can head back to the cashier where you can view your on ride photo and purchase it or any other reasonably priced souvenir or just pay another 6 bucks to ride it again.

Its not designed by CCI. It was designed by Coaster Works.

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Thats right, it is!
Who said CCI designed it?
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Me, it was 2:30 Am and it didn't soak in when I read the post. And I wrote "I love CCI"

I also deleted my post, which confused the newsgroup and caused the computer to crash!
lol, got ya.

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