Dania Beach Hurricane, 6/19/07

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Before leaving Florida for the summer I finally made it down to ride this baby. After reading this thread http://www.coasterbuzz.com/forum.aspx?mode=thread&TopicID=46065 my expectations were high; I am happy to say Dania Beach Hurricane SURPASSED them to become my favorite coaster in the state of Florida, squeaking by Gwazi and blowing away the high-profile steel installations in the high-profile parks in the central part of the state.

When watching the ride go through it's paces upon arriving it didn't look like a "top ten" type woodie, but looks can be decieving.

Although the first drop was average, the strong pop of air immediately after it hinted at what was to come.

Like Rob Ascough said, this ride INCREASES in intensity and airtime as the ride progresses, culminating in a fourth leg finale that is absolutely WICKED, wherin the rider spends more time out of the seat than in it!

And this is true whether one is in the front or back seats! (I noticed that the air in the very last row was a bit more potent than the second to last row, but still solid in the last car in general).

Having only about 5 hours to spend before closing and not being much of a "creho", I chose to spend my entire night riding the Hurricane rather than take a side trip to the nearby "Uncle Bernie's Theme Park" for the kiddie credits.

Just for fun, I did ask a ride op about Uncle Bernie's Theme Park and she had never heard of it; by the look on her face I think she thought I was pulling her leg about whether such a place even existed!

The DBH coaster is located at Boomer's, an FEC with the usual assortment of mini-golf, go-carts, arcade, etc.

Although it's not part of a large theme park or even traditional amusement park, I HIGHLY recommend the DBH to any woodie/airtime fans who find themselves in Florida. For my money, this is the best airtime coaster in the state, the air is solid on both ends of the train, and in my mind DBH is top 10 or 20 woodie material.

This coaster has the strongest, most consistent ejector air I can remember getting in Florida, and it also had some nice sustained floats.

DBH is a very OVERACHIEVING coaster that packs a LOT more punch than it's medium size would suggest. And you have to love a woodie that is almost always a walk-on and is open till midnight or later 365 days a year! (I didn't get back to Orlando until after 3 AM because of course I had to ride until midnight when they called "last train"!)

It makes a great side trip from the big central Florida themers, and even though I drove both ways to and from Orlando in the same day, I found it a relaxing alternative to the major parks as there was no crowds and minimal walking.

I am looking forward to returning to Florida soon to ride my first laps on Starliner since it's Miracle Strip days, which along with DBH and Gwazi, will once again give the state a nice woodie triple-threat (ironically, none are located in the most hyped, most touristy area of the state - Orlando)

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DBH is so much fun. Very underrated.
Did you go there alone? ;)
I'm really thinkin that ... is it'martin' that did viper at SFGAmerica also had a hand in the Hurricane. They look alike alot. both have those crazy long trains too...

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