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Sunday, June 23, 2002 1:15 AM
Sorry I took so long writing this report but I've been awfully busy at work and am just now finding the time. Oh well, better late that never.

The drive to SFWoA from Toledo was dull until I reached the Cleveland suberbs. The drive became quite scenic with green tree covered hills and cliffs to gaze upon while driving. Finding the park was not easy as it is located in an out of the way area on a back road. The little green signs pointing the way to Six Flags are easy to miss and it is easy to get turned around on the road to SFWoA which forks off at one point. Take the wrong fork and you'll be out in the boonies wondering how the hell to get back.

Once I arrived at the park, thanks to some directions from a friendly gas station attendant, I was able to get in with my SFoT season pass. In fact, I didn't even have to pay to park. The emloyee at the parking booth looked at my SFoT parking pass and didn't know what to make of it. He finally told me to go on in without having to pay. YEAH!

Once inside the park I headed to the right to where X-Flight was located. Having already been on Superman:Ultimate Flight at SFoG three days earlier, I was anxious to compare the two. The park wasn't too crowded so the wait for my first ride was about 10 mins.

X-Flight: Veckoma Flying Dutchman:
The first thing I noticed was how riders went up the lift on their backs face up as opposed to hanging under the track face down on S:UF. I much prefer the face down position. Not only is it awesome to look down and see how high you are above the ground. But you don't have the sun in your eyes on the way up, which I found to be really annoying. The ride itself is not as smooth as S:UF but quite intense and fun. The best element is the vertical loop. Let me say at the outset that the vertical loop on X-Flight isn't as near as intense as that incedible Pretzel loop on S:UF. But, that being said, the loop was still intense and a ton of fun. The rest of the ride consists of turns, dives, barrel rolls and a helix at the end. All of these elements seem fun and fairly intense. Much like on S:UF, the ride has it's best moments when it passes close to the ground. Rating 8

After my spin on XF, I headed over to Superman: Ultimate Escape to find it closed. The op ouside the que said it would be closed all day for mechanical work. What with WT being closed the day I visited CP it was beginnig to look as if I might not get to ride and Intamin Impulse on this trip. I guess this was the trade off for Deja Vu being open the day I visited SFoG. My luck was bound to run out sooner or later.

I headed over to The Big Dipper where the wait was about 5 mins.

The Big Dipper: Classic 1925 out and back woodie:
This nearkt brought a tear to joy to my eyes. The last time I rode a ride called the Big Dipper it was at Spring Lake in Oklahoma City. Sadly, the ride and the park no longer exist. This ride was fast with incredible turnarounds. The hills and drops where filled with air. Classic feel that brought back memories of my childhood days at Spring Lake. Rating 8

Next I took a ride on Mind Eraser for the count, if nothing else.

Mind Eraser: Vekoma Boomerang:
Typical Boomerang. Almost as rough as the one at SFoT. Rating 5

I headed up the walkway towards Serial Thriller.

Serial Thriller: Vekoma SLC:
I've heard both good and bad things about these rides, but this ride was quite fun. The headbanging wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the ride's loops, corkscrews and assorted turns were fun and fairly intense. Rating 7

I came to Batman: Knight Flight in the Gotham section after ST.

Batman: Knight Flight: B&M Floorless. This is only the second Floorless I've been on. The other being Superman: Krypton Coaster at SFFT. This one seemed to have a more compact layout than S:KC. The various elements from the Vertical loop to he Cobra Roll, the helix and interlocking corkscrews were all intense and fun. But I think I still prefer S:KC to this because of the way the latter uses the cliff side to enhance the ride. Rating 8

As I exited B:KF I noticed that Double Loop was closed. Bummer, that's two coasters closed so far. I headed up the walkway and came to Raging Wolf Bobs.

Raging Wolf Bobs: Twisting out and back woodie:
This ride didn't pack much of a whallop. The hills lacked air and the turnarounds were mundane. Not much in the way of speed or intensity either. Rating 5

Next up was the parks premier woodie, The Villain.

The Villian: Steel/woodie (wooden track, steel supports):
Yeah Baby! This is the best wood I've been on this entire trip! I even put this slightly ahead of the Beast at PKI. This ride has wonderfully intense drops with ejector air! The turnarounds are taken with breakneck speeds. The last turnaround helix heading into he endrun was the best of all with intensity that rivaled the Beast's. The ride is fast and has that out of control feeling I love. Rating 9

After a bite to eat, I went back for another ride on the Villain. This time I rode the front as opposed to the back. Another intense ride with great air!

Another ride on Batman. fast smooth B&M's, wonderfull elements.

Back to Big Dipper, another great ride!

Lastly, I rode X-Flight one last time before starting my 2 and a half hour drive back to Toledo.

Another fun ride. Vekoma finally did something right here.

That's about all for SFWoA. next I'm back at CP. Will I finally get to ride WT? Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 23, 2002 6:46 AM
Bit of advice, I know its to late though, If you get to that fork in the road at Rt.43 and Pettibone, and you go to the left. Take it straight till you get to Geauga Lake Rd, Turn right and it takes right to the security gate on the ride side of the park.

SFWoA ATL in 2002!

Sunday, June 23, 2002 7:22 AM
Soggy's avatar I wonder what was wrong with S:UE and Double loop? At least you took the closures in stride and didn't obsess about it.

Of course Villian was awesome, it's layout was roughly based on my local hero, GhostRider! I hope you can come out here nad give GR a whirl. Next summer, right Dan?

Nothing... NOTHING... can prepare you for... the Fourth Dimension!

Sunday, June 23, 2002 8:00 AM
Double Loop has been out since the begining of the year... something about a total re-hab? I don't really know.

Jes's Roller Coasters DJ Jes MCS Please, Feel Free To Call Me Jes!
Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure 2002 Ride-Ops Crew

Sunday, June 23, 2002 4:51 PM
Weren't they going to run Double Loop backwards?
Monday, June 24, 2002 12:11 AM
Yep, next summer, Sog. Lookin' forward to it! I only hope X is running when I visit SFMM. Having X closed really would be something to obsess about!



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