Cypress Gardens pushes forward with water park expansion

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Work will begin next week on Splash Island, a water park that is part of a planned expansion at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park. The expansion is moving ahead, officials said, because of larger crowds and more ticket sales than budgeted.

Read more from Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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Great news, I am glad they are doing so well...
Wow, seems adding rides was just the catylis that this park needed to get back on its feet...
well, that, plus great management and a lot of good PR...
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Lets hope Florida's first real hyper is coming soon ;)


It's a good place, glad to see it succeeding. Now, if they can fix the ice skating show...
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mOOSH sed: "Lets hope Florida's first real hyper is coming soon"

Ummmm, I'm already HERE! :)

This would be a good park for the PCB Starliner. Wouldn't be far to move either.
you may be on to something
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Surprisingly, Kent B. had not talked to MSAP about *any* of their rides...this WAS about two months after the sad announcement though, so maybe he has since then. The deal with CG hadn't been finalized at that point IIRC, but WA sure coulda used a couple of the MSAP rides, most notably the COOL car ride, LONG log flume, Paratrooper, and the *awesomely fun* two-story dark ride...

CG is *stocked* with flats no doubt....but thinking of just the flats that were "available for WA" alone makes me miss MSAP even more...

Kent, e-mail me, we'll discuss a plan for ANOTHER park, about, meh, 3-1/2 hours south of CG...:) ;)

Check out RCDB...

According to that site... 2007 MASP's Starliner is in fact scheduled to open at Cypress Gardens.

I also agree about the "cool" car ride, the log flume, and the two story dark ride. Would sure hate to see those be lost... especially the car ride and dark ride.*** This post was edited by SLFAKE 2/21/2005 11:05:16 AM ***

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Upon further reflection, couldn't WA or Cypress also use that *awesome* Zierer Wave Swinger...

Shoot, all things considered, I'd prefer to just keep MSAP as it was...but since that ain't hap'nin', I'd be happy to see most all of their rides go elsewhere...Dollywood coulda picked up a few, and Lake Winnie, and probably even VisionLand (home of the Crimson Cloverleaf)...;)

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