Cypress Gardens planning for March opening

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The (latest) owners of Cypress Gardens are moving forward with plans to open in late March with a new management team and may make an announcement this week. They closed the park in November for renovation and promised a back-to-basics park, emphasizing the park's extensive gardens, southern belles and water ski shows, when it reopens next month.

Read more from The St. Petersburg Times.

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That stuff made the park a success but it also caused it to slip into the shadows of the Orlando parks, which resulted in the park going bankrupt and closing. If going back to the old ways is the plan, I don't see much hope for this place.

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Well, they have to spin this somehow.

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Back to basics = less to see and to do for (probably) the same money.

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To me, that means guaranteed failure. People didn't go to the park so you're going to offer even less in light of the nearby competition? Sounds idiotic to me.

I can think of another park whose attendance suffered when it started ripping rides out.

Bet nobody here can read my mind. ;)

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I was going to say, Isn't that kinda the reason the park failed originally?I still think Brusher would have pulled it off if left alone. he got a raw deal. Expecially when they said they'd keep him on.Chuck

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