Cypress Gardens owner details plans for park

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When it reopens as early as July, Cypress Gardens will be a hybrid of a regional amusement park with new thrill rides and the tranquil gardens filled with Southern belles and water ski shows that made it famous generations ago. The park will include roller coasters and other rides, as well as the gardens.

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Is it just me or is the construction of rollercoasters speeding up? They recieved their first shipment of rides yesterday and they plan to open as early as July 1st? Maybe opening won't rely on operating coasters? Definately sounds like a cool park. A great atmosphere with a few thrills on the side, even if it does have a few Vekomas in it (which I happen to enjoy) I think it will be a very solid destination for Florida locals. For tourists, I'm not sure how big of a crowd it will draw, but I do hope that I can get to it within the next couple years.
This sounds like a good idea, especially separating the two halves of the parks. I am not sure how the "sea of flowers" will work but I think the building of 4 roller coasters (including a wooden one) works out just fine with me :).

I hope it will be successful.With a lower price structure than the other theme parks I am sure that people in Florida will make the trip. The big question is will foreign visitors go off their beaten path? They sure didn't with Circus World/Boardwalk and Baseball, and that was a lot closer to Orlando.

Sounds to me they are giving a option for locals who do not want to deal with tourists but have a fun day at a park. If done right, I think it can be a very successful alternative to the huge meccas in Orlando.
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In case anyone hasn't heard the first three coasters slated to open this year are, according to First Drop: Vekoma Jr Inverted, Vekoma Family Coaster, S&S Jr Woodie. An second larger S&S Woodie opens next Spring.
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I guess there's no chance of me talking Kent into switching the "big" woodie out for a re-located Starliner, huh?

Not that I have *anything* against new wood mind you, but I really hate losing classic coasters to the wrecking ball....maybe Wild Adventures or even Visionland could give Starliner a new home?

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...or Del Grosso's, or Bushkill, or Quassy Lake, or Castle Park, or...
According to the Martin-Vlemincx (sp?) website, they're supplying Cypress with a 40' wooden coaster. What happened to the S&S woodie?
Martin and Vleminckx construct amusement rides, but do not design them.
Oh boy i can't wait for the steel coasters .Oh thats right I don't have to they have the same coasters at wild adventures.(sarcasm)
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Kevin38: Actually only the Vekoma Jr Inverted can be found at Wild Adventures. The other three will be unique to the area. But you sound like a person who'll just find something else to complain about.


It sounds like he is in the right track to make Cypress Gardens a success once again. I think one thing to note as well is the 12,000 seat amphitheater that is remaining there. If he can bring in the same kind of big acts that he does at Wild Adventures, it will bring in the crowds.
Sounds like FL will have another gem of a park with all these improvements to CG. 36 new rides! I'd love to have this in Nashville...Kent are you listening?
Well, its was true they used to only build rides... but in a newspaper here last year, they had mentionned they want to also move into design as well. What they were looking to do was give to do everything on the ride, from A to Z, except the train.
Does CG have the terrain for a terrain woodie like Thunderhead? I think they need a 120' version of Thunderhead but an original layout with at leat 36 crossover, several tunnels and FULL of airtime!! So was the amphitheater part of the park under its former owners?
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Dude...most of Florida is flat as a pancake.
Wild Adventures is my home park. I was told the steel coasters are the same as swamp thing and ant farm express.I was just thinking that anyone north of park (me) is better going to wild adventures. Than going there anyone south is better served going to orlando.The coasters there are original and good.I like swamp thing but it is a shorter ride to wild adventures.I was hoping for something different not another cookie cutter park.(its worked so well for six flags) Maybe the woodie will be.(I hope) But the cheapness of the steel coasters doesn't look likely.*** This post was edited by kevin38 4/22/2004 9:29:52 AM ***
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S'cool, Kevin. And it may be that CG *is* getting a clone of Ant Farm. Trust be, only enthusiasts care or will notice that they're the same.

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