Cypress Gardens getting Geauga'd?

I think Old Town has some room back behind their steel coaster.

I do not really post too much but ....This news disturbs both myself and my husband.

It is all about location I agree. We live about an hour and 10 minutes North of Cypress and we would go there every month. We bought our season passes back in May. Cypress holds a very big place in our hearts GRANTED it was not the BEST PARK nor were the coasters anything to brag about (Starliner is great) but coming from NY/NJ we hatesd SFGA(too crowded) and spent our summers at what we considered our "Home PARK" Knoebels, Though 2 hrs from home we love it and return every year at least once. We actually got engaged there. When we moved to Florida we found Cypress and that gave us the same family feel as Knoebels small and charming. Again the rides were not great (Knoebels are much better) but we liked the atmosphere . We we would always go and say that we "couldn't wait to have kids and bring them here"

It is in a crappy location and we too were wondering what will happen to Starliner...I am hoping it goes SOMEWHERE and doesn't not end up like the Villain - yet another very disturbing thing to know it went to scrap! I would Love to see it SAVED and bought somewhere... the best place that comes to mind is LakeMont Park. Though they never seem to have too much $$ coming in.

Does anyone know if the rides will be auctioned? if so please post it I want to attend the auction.

My hubby and I are going to bid farewell to the RIDES anyway this weekend...we plan to buy our Starliner t shirts and postcards with rides etc.... HOPEFULLY Starliner will be running I would like just one more ride on the classic before it disappears.

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