Cypress Gardens gets a second chance starting Friday

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Cypress Gardens will reopen this Friday after a massive collaboration between governments and a new operator. The park is expected to generate hundreds of jobs for the area.

Read more from The Tampa Tribune via The Journal Inquirer.

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Another park to add to my Florida trip...Yay!
Another article which was linked from Thrillnetwork mentioned that Kent has confirmed there will be a fifth coaster next year along with the new waterpark to encourage repeat business. I hope the fifth coaster will be a mid-sized to large airtime filled woodie like Avalanche. If they do build a woodie it really needs to be an extreme top 5 thriller to compete with neighboring major parks. It don't needs to be huge just your usual medium (80'-100' tall) woodie. BTW I think Avalanche @ Timber Falls is an example of a top 5 ride and that isn't all that huge! Also on a visit to Timber Falls I was told by one of the owners that Avalanche costs a mere $2.5 million which I think was a real bargain!*** This post was edited by Pink Floyd Fanatic 11/26/2004 2:16:21 AM ***

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