Cypress Gardens forced to expand parking for concert events

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Officials at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, near Winter Haven, say peak attendance days for the theme park's live musical concerts have forced them to add expanded parking facilities. Satellite parking locations have been set up near by.

Read more from The Orlando Business Journal.

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There must be a huge geriatric crowd hitting this place. I checked out the list of performers they were having and almost all of the bands were from the 50-60's era!

Lets just say I didn't see any Incubus or Jimmy Eats World types...

Anyhow, I'm glad the park is having such success.

Lets hope the mouse does not snuff them out by adding a 5th park themed to old school amusements...

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Yes, their list of performers does actually mirror the ones we get at Silver Springs quite nicely...

Not that Tommy Dorsey isn't *all that*....;)

While i'm sure their is a small percent that likes country, but if you do you'd know Trace Adkins is pretty good. Sort of wish I was their right now but i'm stuck in PA.
Sounds like there is a bit of surprise that it may be a huge geriatic crowd......I mean after all, we are talking about Florida, so why the big surprise?!?! lol Maybe they need more parking because of the big huge 4 door sedans they all drive too?? ;-p

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