Cypress Gardens expected to attract jobs and fun

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New Cypress Gardens owner, Kent Buescher, who also owns the successful Wild Adventures theme park in Georgia, plans to invest $35 million in the property during the park's first 12 to 18 months, and another $3 to $5 million for expansion annually. He says the park will create 350 jobs.

Read more from The Polk County Democrat.

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"Buescher's Georgia attraction is the only major park in the country to see an increase in visitors since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."
I guess the reporter wasn't aware that Dorney had its biggest year ever in 2002. Or that Holiday World (every bit as major) has had one bigger year after another.
I wonder what kind of research went into that statement. Perhaps, Beuscher fed the reporter that line.*** This post was edited by DragonRider 7/7/2004 10:10:37 PM ***
Perhaps they meant to say the only "privately owned" park in the country. Wild Adventures is the largest, fastest growing privately owned amusement park in the country isn't it?
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Again, you mean besides Holiday World?

Not that it matters, because I wish the best of success to the park and its owner. I'm just bothered by journalists that forget the 101 class where they tell you never to use a superlative unless you're damn sure it's true.

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I love 101's the best class ever! ;)
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Marketing 101 tells you JUST the opposite.....*always* use the superlative unless you're likely to get sued...:)

gator, attracting no jobs, but LOTS of fun! ;)

Do you think any real big coasters will be involved in these annual investments?
I hope a major woodie like Hades!

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