Cypress Gardens exceeds annual goal in five months

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Rebuilt by Georgia entrepreneur Kent Buescher with the addition of a full plate of carnival rides, Cypress Gardens zoomed past its first-year attendance goals by April, its fifth month.

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Even though it's not confurmed, it sounds like the Starliner is going to find a new home at Cypress Gardens
That seems to make the most sense, even though I heard that space is one of the issues causing the question. I won't complain about that move since the Orlando area definitely needs a full-size wood coaster!

Good news about the park... Mr. Buescher obviously knows a thing or two about what he's doing. And I thought that nostalgia wasn't a business plan???

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Holy mother of clicking turnstiles!
All this without *any* record-breaking rides. That's can't be right, can it? ;)
Imagine that. And they didn't have to advertise Best Gardens on the Planet, either!
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More flats than all of the other Orlado (and Tampa) parks put together, a waterpark, and a re-rideable woodie....

I should move closer to Cypress and further from that OTHER park of Buescher's.... ;)

Not exactly sure where Starliner would fit at CG, there was considerable area near the lake that was hidden by fencing....areas that apparently had suffered some fairly serious damage from whichever hurricane(s) were in the area...

With Starliner AND the spinny coaster going in to CG, there'd be almost no reason to go back to WA...esp. since the go-kart employees were so terrible... ;)


Nice to see a park that was on the verge of history become such a success story in its first year under new ownership.

However, you have to take into account that alot of the guests returned because of curiosity. Hopefully the park has managed to make them returning guests in the future.*** This post was edited by Chitown 6/13/2005 7:47:04 PM ***

The only place I saw that they could easily fit the Starliner is right behind the main parking lot at CG. It would just have to be over the big drainage ditch for the parking lot.
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Kent my know how to run a park but he needs to learn a thing or two about wood coaster maintenance at his Valdosta park. Yikes!
The parts for the Starliner are already at Cypress Gardens. They are stored behind the wooden fence next to the Swampthing coaster. If you ride the Skywheel you can see them near Helena Road all piled up.
Chitown, I don't know how much of that is just the curious checking in. It's not even really nostalgia since the original park was skewing to 90%+ senior citizens and the new park has a good chunk of young families heading over.

They sold a ton of annual passes before the park even opened and the park has kept a real active Saturday night concert schedule going (and not just the Kenny Rogers & Styx concerts -- but some more current acts like Collective Soul as well).

Area schools were also descending on the park for field trips mid-week.

And to think that the "free" waterpark isn't even open yet. It looks like Kent knew what he was talking about.

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