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Hi guys,

I'm heading to Orlando in 3 months for my honey moon. I'm brining my tator tot with me who will be almost 3. We are going to be hitting the following parks. Magic Kingdom,Epcot,IOA,Animal Kingdom,Sea World.

I was thinking of making a day for Cypress Gardens. I've never been there and was wondering if its worth devoting a hole day too and if there be a decent amount for my 2.9 year old?

Thanks in advance for the info.


I would say YES! Take a day! The ride areas is good for a half day but if you want to sit at their water park and see the beautiful Gardens esp the Banyan tree and florida pool in the back of the park then take the day!! The price is right, there are plently of smaller tot rides and the water park area is not only included in the price but it is nice for the littlle tots. I have annual passes to IOA, universal, Sea World and Cypress, I use my Cypress pass the most. YES it is a littel far from disney - about 35 -40 minutes but I think it is worth it Less crowded less stress! Not to mention Starliner is great! If you have a local zoo I would skip Animal Kingdom... it is just an over priced zoo..that is just my opinion! Congrats and have a nice honeymoon!

My main advice would be-

Never take your kids on your honeymoon!

Yes, definitely plan a whole day for this park.

Ever since 2004 with Kent Buescher taking over, he has added a ton of things to do.

Plenty of rides for your child, a few coasters that you will enjoy especially Starliner, a waterpark included with admission, beautiful gardens that are a must see, a fun waterski show to watch, a section with animals, and a midway that has shops, restaurants, and a couple shows.

Here is a link to my Trip Report when I visited in February. The link also has another link to pictures.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Thanks for the info and the link Chitown.

I'm looking through your photos now.

As for bringing the tater tot with us. She such a cool kid and loves amusement parks. I was watching Best of Thrill rides the other day and she kept says Roller Scooter I wanna ride the Roller Scooter. She can't say coaster.

I think we will totally be stopping at Cypress.


Have to reinforce Crazycoastergirl's mention of the banyan tree. It's probably the most impressive and awe-inspiring tree in North America east of California. You have to keep walking back, back, back through the gardens to get to it, though. An absolute must-see.

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CoasterGirl, you mention skipping Animal Kingdom if we have a local Zoo. We have the Philadelphia Zoo and the Adventure Aquirim. My Daughter has been to both. Do you think going to Busch Tampa and the Zoo at Cypress will be enough to feed her needs for Hippos and Lions?

PS we also have the Safari at SFGADV and Zoo America at Hershey. She been to all of them.


If you are looking for Hippos and Lions at Cypress, you won't find that.

They do however have a nice selection of birds, reptiles including an alligator that is 75 years old and was featured in a movie way back (dont remember what movie it was). They also have some primates, snakes, etc. along with smaller mammals including a black Jaguar.

It's a nice selection of animals but none of the big mammals. Still nice though.

As others have mentioned, the banyan tree in the gardens is just a marvel to look at and walk under. It can be 90 degrees and humid but if you go under this tree, it provides some great shade and cooler temps.

It was planted when the gardens first opened and has just grown to be enormous. You will also find alot of other plant life that is not native to this country but since its situated in central Florida, they survive there.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

To me, Cypress Gardens is too expensive unless you are going 2 days to the park. It's $40.00 for an adult, and you get the 2nd day free.

The major rides (I don't know about much kiddie rides.):

Chance Inverter (Screamscape says it's gone since Feb)
Chance Yo-Yo that tilts
Zamperla Power Surge
Zamperla Kite Flyer
train (I don't think it's running anymore though because of the Starliner.)
G5 Tilt-A-Whirl
Majestic Bumper Cars (No head on collisions)
ARM Super Shot extended tower, a smaller wooden coaster

Zamperla Disko Coaster (That never seems to be open)
PTC out and back coaster that's smaller
Vekoma More Track Roller Skater
Vekoma Suspended kiddie
A ride that's in water, but I didn't get wet, and it feels like a Round-Up because it spins the whole way down.
Zamperla Spinning Mouse (Twister II)
ARM Mega Bounce which is horrible
Larson Flying Scooters

Chance Giant Wheel
Some sort of Carousel
Chance Pharoah's Fury
Some little dinky coaster
Zamperla Stars N Stripes (Kid ride that goes up and down)
White Water in the dark tube ride that's not in a waterpark, and you sit on this raft. I don't know if that's even still there.

They have more kiddie rides, but I don't remember.

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments
How is $40 admission expensive?

Rides, waterpark, gardens, waterski show, animals and concerts all included in that admission.

It's alot more reasonable then Orlando.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Strange when I was there the Zamperla Disk-o was open.

Also the ride thats in water is fun but I didn't get wet because they had the water cannons off due to it being really windy.

Vekoma Roller Skater is fun cause due to the fact the park is never MAJORLY croweded you can usually sit down and get 5 laps in without getting off.

TIP #1 Rides don't open untill like 11 so during then go do other rides.

TIP #2 When you get off a ride stay on the station platform, if they don't have enough to fill a train you can get back in the train.

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