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In case you haven't seen it - here is a comparison video of the Coney Island Cyclone from this last year to this year that I put together for CAI.

I had not seen this, thanks for posting.

It's easy to compare the first drops, and it's definitely smoothed out now and less "snappy". On the plus side, 2012's ride seems to hit the brakes a second or two sooner than the previous version.

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Man, that looks so much better now.

It's crazy that tweaking (and smoothing) the first drop like that results in such a change in speed throughout the whole ride. This year's ride is almost a full second ahead of last year's before the end of the first turnaround. And it hits the brakes nearly three seconds sooner too. That's insane.

Anyone know if more work is planned? There were still some valleys that were noticeably... not re-done.


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Finally made it to Coney Island and rode the Cyclone by myself in the front seat. It gave me a headache and tossed me around like a rag doll. I was going to buy two rides and I am glad I didn't. I probably should have sat in a non-axle seat but couldn't resist.

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BBSpeed26 said:

Anyone know if more work is planned? There were still some valleys that were noticeably... not re-done.

Yes. This is year one of a multi-year project (not sure if it's supposed to last 3 or 4 years total).

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*yay* for GCI smoothing out a rough ride. *BOOO* for GCI trying to bring their family friendly ideal to a classic - by removing the *snap* out of the break over (look at some close up pics - you can't see it in the video; also, ask some who knew the old version well, and have ridden the new).

Don't get me wrong, the ride needed a lot of help. But I fear the legendary 2nd and 6th drops will be neutered next.

@eightdothree - A good *classic* coaster is supposed to throw you around like rag doll. But not so much the headache part (thats the bumpy track talking...)

edit - before the storm of "get over its" and "you just don't like change" come - please, re-read what I wrote. It was a compliment and criticism. Yes, I understand, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

PS - I didn't say that "I hate it" or "I dislike it so much," etc.

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