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There appear to be fewer endangered parks in North America now than several years ago because many of them have closed (Miracle Strip, SFAW, Lesourdsville, Williams Grove, Bells, Etc.) and several (Arnold's Park, Beech Bend, Lakeside, Camden, etc.) have turned themselves around. The best current example of a endangered park is probably Conneaut Lake but there have been others on the endangered list such as Belmont Park and Rye Playland. There are also the SBNO parks such as Freestyle Music Park.and Kentucky Kingdom whose futures remain in doubt.

What are some other parks that are currently considered endangered? Also, what are the prospects for the endangered parks to survive or (if SBNO) to reopen?

Arthur Bahl

This is probably as good a place as any to mention that Cedar Fair has stripped their web site for Wildwater Kingdom of any references to Geauga lake. From now on, the park is just "Wildwater Kingdom", period. So once and for all, the amusement park is officially dead.

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It still says "Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom" at the bottom of the pages, and in the contact section. The only thing I see is that they've taken it out of the logo graphic.

The only endangered park I am aware of in New England at present is Edaville Railroad near Plymouth, MA. They did have good Christmas attendance so they might find a way to survive.

Santa's Land in Putney, Vermont is now off of life support. This children's theme park has improved dramatically under its new management and is once again being promoted by the toursism associations in that state.

Arthur Bahl

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^^^ I saw that this morning too. At first I was a little sad to see the name go, but then I remembered that what's left was originally SeaWorld, then SeaWorld II, then a water park. Keeping the apostrophized Geauga Lake name, if anything, prevented a feeling of closure and could almost be seen as patronizing -- though I imagine the reason for keeping the name for a few years was just to make it easier for people to know a) where it was located, and b) that something at the 2007 Geauga Lake property was still in business, amid all the "Geauga Lake is closed!" banter.

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Could California's Great America find itself on this list eventually? I haven't heard much from the struggles of the NFL and GAM lately.

Josh: Yes, but that's the only place where you can find it, at the bottom in the mailing address of the park. I would be surprised if that didn't change in the next month or so as well.

Also on critical life support, and perhaps flatlining, is Ghost Town in the Sky.

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I think the loss of roads last year may have been GTiTS' last straw...after the disappointment with the trains on Cliffhanger the prior season, I'd be pretty (pleasantly!) surprised if the place repens for 2011.

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How's Lakeside in Denver doing?

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Conniet(sp) lake park.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Seriously dude... you could type "con" in the search bar and learn to spell the name of the park. Don't be lazy.

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Or just look at the first post ;).

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I don't see Kentucky Kingdom (as seen in the opening post) as being a current endangered park. The new park operator seems to have a plan that will work.

And, Conniet Lake Park will always be around as long as they can bum money and free work from gullible coaster enthusiasts. And then there is Pepsi. ;)

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I can't find any recent news about a certain endangered park that failed to reopen two years ago. Did it reopen under its new moniker last year?

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