"CSI: Live" coming to Magic Mountain in 2008

Pretty interesting to see how it turns out. I'm not a follower of the CSI TV series, so I'm not really amped about it, but it's about time Magic Mountain updated their live entertainment lineup.

All of the live entertainment previously held in the Magic Moments theatre was really carny-like and tacky with the exception of the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei (2006) which was spectacular.


That's really kind of cool. I wish other parks would get that. However, it's going to get stale after a year. This is unless they change the storyline every year. If you know who did it, you won't care to see it again. If you change the storyline, that means you need more clips from the CSI people.
Uh oh, sounds a bit like that terrible Magic of the Movies Live that Paramount did in 2004.
So basically the other parks are all getting cool things added while they take things away from great adventure. Great adventure gets the dark knight but gets possibly 2-3 flats taken out and 2 show arenas empty.

They really need to add a show to great adventure.

This sounds like an in interesting show to see one time each season if they change the case you are solving. I watch CSI, CSI:NY and CSI:Miami every now and then and love to try and figure out what happened before they reveal it. On a hot day at the park I could see myself taking 30 minutes to go and see this show.

As for Great Adventure they are getting the Glow in the Dark parade also so I wouldn't say that the coaster is the only thing going in. As for the three flats they are losing I know the bumper cars and roundup are going. I love both of those ride types but the ones at Great Adventure we getting old and rundown so maybe they could build new versions of them elsewhere in a couple seasons. Chiller was a maintenance nightmare. And Movietown Water Effect was just a lame shoot the chutes ride.

Watch the tram car please....
^^It's only a rumor, but Screamscape thinks the Round-Up is safe, and the Zierier Wave Swinger might be on the chopping block instead. Don't forget about the Music Express. That sounds like 4 rides to me.

Hey, Magic Mountain is / did getting / get rid of Flashback, Spin Out (Rotor), Tilt-A-Whirl, Baveryn Kurve, and the Intamin Generation Drop I. That's 5. They beat SFGAdv by one.

SFNE is dumping the SWAT, Flying Bobs, Rodeo, Inverter, and Bumper Cars. Some rides MIGHT come back.
SFKK is dumping there tower for obvious reasons.
Some park is dumping there Rainbow.

We've been over this before.

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^ Actually make that 6 for Magic Mountain.

(1) Freefall; (2) Granny Gran Prix; (3) Spin Out; (4) Flashback; (5) Sierra Twist; (6) Circus Wheel.

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