Crystal Beach Cyclone

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 3:52 AM
Virtually all of the steel from the Cyclone was used in the construction of the Comet.
Tuesday, August 27, 2002 4:55 AM

rentzy387 said:
Actually a lot more of the cyclone was put into the Comet than you think. Most of the steel from the Cyclone is now part of ther Comet and a lot of the wood was also re-used. The designers didn't make a new coaster, they took down the old one and made a different design.

Not debating that... but the way so many make it sound is that the Comet is simply a "rework" of the old Cyclone... "using much of the same structure" makes it sounds like they left it standing and just made some "reprofiling" changes.

While "entire sections" of the Cyclone's lattice work may have been used intact, it was certainly configured in a vastly different way than it is on the Comet.

I look at it the same way I looked at my model trains (years and years ago). I set up the track and ran them one way for a while... then I took it all down and used the same track to create a new layout. Granted, I used the same track (switches, bridges, etc), but nothing at all looked the same. The only thing that it shared with the original was that it used the original pieces (with some sections still in tact)... but in no way resembled the old.

Just to hear some talk, it sounds like they are trying to claim that the Comet is basically the same coaster as the Cyclone with just some reprofiling and modifications. (a quick look at old Cyclone pics and modern Comet pics will refute that).

To me, taking an old coaster that has been disassembled, and then reassembling it in a mostly new layout IS creating a new coaster. This goes back to the old question... what is "reprofiling" and what is "different coaster"?

What do people consider Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood? Is it a reprofiled Steel Phantom? Is it a different coaster? Personally, since the changes here were so drastic, I like to consider it a different coaster. HOWEVER, it certainly shares much more with its predecessor than the Comet shared with the Cyclone.

The same "building blocks" may have been used for both Crystal Beach coasters, but those building blocks were used to create a different coaster after the old Cyclone was "disassembled".

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

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