Crunk In The Trunk: The Crown Vic Tour ‘05

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"Have you seen my Baseball?"
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Did Tony remove the lapbar before riding, I can't even FIND the thing...

"My lapbar is orange!"...:)

I feel like that by the END of the tougher coaster trips, but rarely on Day ONE...LOL!

Mamoosh said:
You mean this pic, Nasai?


Mike Miller - The CPG: The ORIGINAL flash mob

Don't you mean "Franks and Beans!", Mike?


That picture always gets me hysterical. Between Mike looking like a mentally handicapped person and the guy behind Mike looking like he wants to physically handicap someone, that should become a classic.

Gator, it is not that I would not listen, I had to do that trip sometime, even if my ribs are still killing me a week later. At least all coasters were open when I was there, what does that say about all your urban myths :)


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An Old Coaster fart that refuses to grow old, I just wish many of my friends could have as well!

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Ed...Cheetah MAY have been running when you were there, but there's NO way you can convince me it isn't "broken"...and I'm sure the CV gang would agree with that assessment. ;)

I absolutely HATE to diss a small park in my area....but WA needs love as bad as, or worse than, Cypress - and from here it looks like Adventure Parks, LLC is having problems multi-tasking...:(

Hey all! Photos from CrunkFest 2005 can be viewed here:

Mike Miller - The CPG: The ORIGINAL flash mob

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Thank you, Moosh, for blessing this TR with that wonderful picture. God bless you. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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You're welcome but I gotta share credit with Flare, who took the photo, and Bass for being so tired he looked stricken with Down Syndrome.
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It would have been perfect if Johnny Depp was sitting next to him. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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h'What?!? YEAH! Okay.... ;)

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