Crowds right after Memorial Day (SFGAdv in particuar)

My wife and I will be traveling to the east and are planning on going to SFGAdv on the Monday AFTER Memorial Day (June 1 this year). Anyone been there on a similar day in years past? Wondering how I should expect lines to be and also if I should (could) do Wild Safari on the same day.

Here is my complete itinerary, if anyone has suggestions regarding the other parks. Monday (Memorial Day) = Fly to Pitt.

Tue = Kennywood

Wed = Knoebel's

Thur = Hershey Chocolate World / Hershey Park

Fri = Dorney

Sat / Sun = Check out Philadelphia (perhaps do Wild Safari on Sun)

Mon = SFGAdv

Tue = Check out D.C.

Wed = SFA

Thur = King's Dominion

Fri = BG Europe

Sat = Fly back to L.A. from Norfolk, VA

I have only been to Kennywood before. All these other parks will be new for me. Thx!

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I have always had great experiences around Memorial Day.

Dorney will be empty. It doesn't really get hoppin' until July typically, and even that is worse on weekends. Be prepared to do a ton of rides in very little time. Dorney, Hershey, AND Knoebels are all excellent parks to hit before hitting Great Adventure. They're like preparation for the big show. LOL

I've only started going back to Great Adventure in 2008, but I noticed that the two times I hit G.A. in June were fantastic. No longer than 20 minute waits for anything, and certainly no need for flashpass.

Knoebels is a new park for me, and I only got to go twice (and once was the Phunfest, so it was not a bad crowd). There wasn't really a problem with waits there in June either...

Hershey may be a different story. Depending on when some of the bigger concert acts perform there, it could be swamped. When there is a Dave Matthews show, it's usually the end of June, and it is INSANE. Check the dates for the musical acts before you go. I don't think they have too much going on before the end of June, but seriously check it out. Apparently, people visiting the park early in the season and late in the season had problems with slow ride operations and resultant long lines...something about not being fully staffed at those times...just a rumor I heard. Add a huge concert event to that, and it could be a logistical nightmare.

But on a lighter note, I envy you your trip! I planned to add another 25 coasters or so to my roster this year, but I dunno if that will be possible or not. You've GOTTA post a huge TR when you're all done with it! :)

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The one change I would make is that I would skip SFA for another day in Williamsburg. Judging from your stops in DC and Philly I'm going to assume you must like history, if that's true you're going to want to spend a day doing Colonial Williamsburg (and perhaps an hour or two at Jamestown and Yorktown.)

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LoadedG said:
Wed = SFA

SFA has less charm than just about every major park on the planet, although to be fair it does have a couple of pretty good coasters (no prizes.....). You will need far less than a day there.

Sounds like a great trip. Have fun!

Sounds like a dream trip. The only thing you might want to check out are the dates that some of the parks are hosting "Music in the Parks" for 2009.

On what would normally be a slow day...the parks fill up with bus after bus of children who perform at nearby high schools and then fill up the parks in a heartbeat. (I posted a trip report about it last year when our school went to Dorney)

If you are visiting on a Music in the Parks day, think about ariving later as many of the schools go home after the awards ceremony. (Held in the picnic area)

By the way, most of the crowds are nice and well's just that there are so many people (and they are all wearing school band t-shirts).

Here is the organization's web site:

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Thx. It sems that there IS a Music at the Park at Dorney on the Friday we are planning on going. :-( We'll have to brave the crowds I guess.

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