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My wife and I are moving again. Making the trip from California back to our homeland in Ohio at the end of summer (which just means I'll be that much closer to Holiday World! Woo-hoo!). I couldn't help but to think about all the coasters we'll be passing by!

Any idea on the best route to take? I'd like to hit the Texas parks, maybe even WOF in Kansas City, and/or SF St. Louis, and I don't know what else. I'm not very well versed in all the parks in the middle of the country, nor the best route to hit a bunch of them.

But here's the problem... we'll be carting our two cats with us. Do any of these parks have pet services? A kennell? If so, has anyone had any experience with them?

While our larger cat tends to travel pretty well, it will be a stressful trip for them regardless. Combine that with locking them up in an unknown cage for a day and that makes me want to say the heck with it. Then there's the compromise of just hitting a two or three parks that will be worth our while. I'm not sure if I want to mess with it, but would like to know some options either way. We are hiring professional movers so our personal belongings won't be an issue.

Any tips or suggestions?

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I would think the first step would be to check the websites of the parks you would like to hit and see if they have pet checks. If not, and it's a must to stop, you may be able to locate a local kennel. There are some hotels that accept pets...if you were planning to spend a night it's possible you could keep the cats in their carriers (or in a large, fold up cage) in the room, although that could be a pain with check in/check out times.

My cats wouldn't handle the trip, or a kennel very well. I'd end up with two neurotic animals by the end of the trip.

Good luck.

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Looks like SFEG is in it's last season and it's one of the only parks in that time zone (unless you're headed north to Silverwood) so that and Vegas would probably be two potentials.

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I don't know if you've ever driven Interstate 70 in Utah and Colorado, but if not, the scenery is worth a dozen amusement parks.

That said, if you take that route (Interstate 15 from LA or San Diego to I-70, probably the best route anyway), you'll drive right by the Vegas coasters, Lakeside, SFEG, SFStl, WoF, and even Glenwood Caverns in Colorado. I'd say it's a safe bet that the corporate parks listed there all have kennels.

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You'll be driving through some priceless scenery in Colorado and Utah. I warn you do not take I-80 through Wyoming, take the Colorado route from Salt Lake City, it will take longer but the scenery is just amazing. SFEG is close to closing so go there. Vegas parks, obviously, too. WoF and SFSL of course are close depending on your Ohio destination. Sorry, no idea about the cats, good luck.
First with the pets... I do not think SFEG has a kennel but SFSL and WOF do. I know Lakeside does not.

If you head route 10 you can catch the Rattler in New Mexico at Cliff's (a great LITTLT park)! There is a non-park related kennel right across the street from the main parking lot. From MAY catch the park in Amarillo...but it is only open at night and does not have a kennel. This is doable IF you stay in Amarillo only. The park is like a beachside carnival without the beach. From their you can catch Frotier City in OK which AGAIN has no kennel. There is a kennel located within 2 miles of the park.

The options are limitless from here. Branson would make the most sense (no kennels at either park...but plenty of private kennels in the area). Then you head to SFSL and over to Holiday World (kennels at both...but Holiday World's is not air conditioned I believe). I would skip it...but SFKK is close too. No kennel at SFKK.

If you go the kennel route...bring shot records with you. I've done this stuff a lot...and all over the country. The bottom line is that it can get to be a pain. And I travel with a dog.

I've actually taken 2 sets of keys and left the car running a few times with the air on while I ran in and hit a few rides at the smaller parks. Not that I would recommend it...but some of these smaller parks take less time than eating supper.

I hope that helps.

P.S. I would still call the park as I have not been to a few of these places in the past couple years AND they may have added a kennel...but I doubt it!

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I would call the parks first to see if they have kennels. If they don't then I would find one in the town you are visiting.


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