Creepy, Crusty, Crumbling: Illegal Tour of Six Flags New Orleans

Hello All! I haven't posted in almost 6 years now but I still lurk and read topics all the time. I was stumbling around on StumbleUpon today and came across a website which I thought was most interesting and figured most, if not all of you would as well.

Check out those pictures. Really quite sad if you ask me. Nonetheless, it is still really interesting to see photos of an amusement park in that state.

Hope you all enjoy!

Knowing the wildlife in the south, I think I might be more than a little apprehensive about exploring that particular park, as much as I would love to personally take those shots and explore. Amazing pictures though, thanks for sharing!

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I have never been to Jazzland/SFNO, but I remember reading trip reports about horrible visits there. Those pictures are shame to see. Find it hard to see anyone taking on a restoration project there. I guess that Southern Star company gave up?

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You can't help but wonder if Southern Star did pick it up, what they would be able to salvage? Or do they just want the land (seems an odd decision?)

Six Flags have taken two rides out of there (right?). You'd think if things were salvageable they would have taken them out. Surely the Boomerang and the Hurricane would have been good candidates for re-homeing.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I vaguely recall a news story about the city taking SF to court over the removal of rides. I suspect there may be a court decision keeping a lot of those rides there.

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