Crazy ride accident video

Pretty crazy

Note this site has some video that may offend some.


Leave it to ****ty European countries...

European? ;)

Have to say, that was a terrible fate to befall that jacket...

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SheiKraFiend said:

Leave it to ****ty European countries...

What kind of moronic generalization is that supposed to be? Leave it to moronic Americans with an Internet connection to say things like that.

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I'm sure he meant to say "pretty."

Lucky for us, invy is smart enough to recognize the "exceptional" Americans...LOL! :~)

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Leave it to pretty Europeans to know that Uzbekistan is in Asia, not Europe... ;)

Looks like a backpack or jacket fell off the ride.

GayCoasterGuy said:

Looks like a backpack or jacket fell off the ride.

Lawlz, a human-sized backpack/jacket.

Asia, Europe...what's the difference. 'Tis all ****e.

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Well, technically a jacket is human sized.. A least half human sized.

Yes, yes.

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Looks fake. Much like this one.

I laughed at Vater's video because I knew it was fake.

This looks dangerous!


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I always loved that video, just for the way everyone abandons ship.

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Boath Crash!! would be an excellent name for a fledgling punk band.

Parallel lines on a slow decline.

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The boat crash video intrigues me. There is a boy who falls in the water just in front of the lead, derailed boat, and it kind of scare the crap out of me because I am thinking, "What if another boat is about to hit? That kid could get killed."

Here is one that cracks me up every time I watch it!


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