Crazy crazy mouse, anyone ride one of these?

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Wow, lap bar AND shoulder strap, looks scary! The layout actually looks pretty cool, slightly different than the typical.

When I went to that park in 2007, the ride was SBNO. They got it up and running last year.

That park is a very interesting place. Its a large public park with a zoo, displays, large open green spaces and in the middle, a small section with rides. The other coaster was that strange Meisho looper. The cars were tiny and the ride doesn't use standard brakes. Instead, there are rubber tires mounted next to the track and those are blocked in place. The cars got a rough plate on each side and when the train pass through the tires, its braked.

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^How was that Meisho Looper (88 Train)? Are those Meisho Loopers as rough as they say?

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