Crazy Cedar Point/Soak City Pricing

While checking information for another topic, I came across the pricing for Cedar Point and Soak City:

According to those links, here's the crazy pricing:

28.00 - Soak City One Day
41.95 - Cedar Point One Day
69.95 - "Ride & Slide 2-Day" (CP & SC for *2* days)

Apparently if you want to go to both parks, for NO EXTRA CHARGE you can come back for a second day. Also, I don't see any verbiage stating that it has to be consecutive days, either. It just states "Ages 3-61, 48" and taller. Ride & Slide Ticket will admit one guest to both Cedar Point and Soak City for any two regular season days."

It looks like SF isn't the only one that wants to give away the gate. CP just isn't doing it on as large of a scale as the play pass :)

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Isn't $70 about what they charged for a 2-day CP pass in the past? Seems like they are just sweetening the deal a little to get vacationers to commit to two days in hopes they'll buy lots of $4 sodas and $8 hamburgers and $3 french fries, etc...

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Yeah, the pricing is about the same. My point, though, is that if Joe Guest wants to go to both parks, he gets a second day free.

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But if Joe Guest goes to both parks in the same day, it is doubtful he will get his admission worth at each one. I bet there aren't many people who do both parks in one day (not counting season pass holders). So they are just selling both parks at once and including a little perk that few people take full advantage of anyway. *** Edited 11/9/2006 9:16:12 PM UTC by millrace***
True... but a complete freebie?

Also, if you look at the senior and under-48 pricing, they don't get a free day. For the 2-day, they need to pay a couple bucks more.

Personally, I think either the Soak City one-day should be around $23.95 or the 2-day ride and slide should be $79.95, and make a CP-only 2day for $69.95.

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The ride and slide tickets are a pretty sweet deal, you just have to be careful because a lot of people manage to void their tickets without even knowing it. Day 1 CP and Day 1 SC must be used the same day (and same with the day 2 tickets). People using their day 2 tickets before their day 1 tickets was also a pretty common way of voiding a day's worth of tickets. Also, you can apparently use day 1 CP and day 1 SC on separate days, but then it voids both of your day 2 tickets. The system is probably more complicated than it needs to be, but just make sure you're using the right ticket at the right time and you'll be alright.

The ride and slide program has been around for a few years (and was around as the ride and ride again program before that) and I think they're at a price they feel comfortable with. It's a good deal for those who know about it, but it isn't as widely used as you might expect.

Ride and Slide is not use much because not as many people go to the water park as people in the theme park. So it would be pointless for someone to buy a ride and slide if they are going there just for one day. Also the water park is not that great. There are a lot better water parks out there.
If you give people the second day for basically free, that leaves them a lot of extra cash (and motivation) to stay at your on-site hotels which make you more money than the park does on a per-person basis anyway.

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