Crazy Buffalo Saloon at SFGAM now counter service???

Sunday, May 8, 2005 11:26 AM
Yesterday I was at SFGAM and we went into Crazy Buffalo Saloon and were shocked to see a stack of menues on the side where the hostess who normally seats you would be and a line from the pay counter. Everyone was ordering at the counter then they said they would bring the food to your table. Most people who saw this walked right out. hardly anyone was sitting down eating.

I wonder if this is permantent or temporary setup? I swore I saw on SGAM website before that they were hiring themed wait staff for that resturant. I wonder if they are just doing this because of offseason (some resturants are closed and the Crazy Buffalo usually does not open for busness until the park opens for daily operation). Or if they changed thier minds and turned this nice relaixing full service resturant (which was a park favorite of mine) into a crummy counter service. Whats going on???


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