Crazy bastard on high wire over Valleyfair

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Check it out...

See, S&S rides are good for holding up wires too!

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The guy did the same thing at Knotts. Except they used Sky Cabin and the top of one of Boomerangs lifts.

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I could possibly see the walking across part, but the laying down and getting back up.. uggh.. no thanks..

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This reminds me of a movie that i just bought. It's called "Man On A Wire". It was a really good documentary about a wire walker who illegally organizes and pulls off a stunt between the twin towers. It was a love story between a man and his dream. I loved it.

Oh, this stunt at Valleyfair was cool too.

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Yeah, that was really relaxing. Thanks for sharing. :)

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He is going to be doing this at many of the Cedarfair parks this summer. He's calling it his "Walk across America tour." Here's the link with the other dates:

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Note to self: exchange the DVD I got Carrie for her birthday.

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You're so cute! :)

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"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

It's odd they call it the Walk Across America Tour since he'll be at Canada's Wonderland too. :)

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That's because Canada is just a suburb of the US. :) Oh-oh, that's going to get some people pissed.

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Canada's not part of America anymore? Did a fault line rupture or something?

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Word is that he is going to walk from tower to tower on Possessed at Dorney.

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Sws beat me to it. I was going to say something like that. :(

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I watched him at Worlds of Fun. He went both directions there from the Detonator Tower to a Crane near the Timber Wolf Transfer Track and turned around and walked back. His ride up was on top of The Detonator Car and he took the same ride back down. It was crazy seeing up there at WoF walking on that wire, bu at Valleyfair, that laying down stunt was incredibly insane, I don't even know how you can keep a balance in that position. There are videos on YouTube of the Nik Wallenda. I don't know if Jeff minds or not this is the Video I took of his stunt at WoF with the tower ride included:

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When I saw he will be at Dorney, I decided I just have to be there. Now don't get me wrong, I wish him well and hope everything goes as planned. However, he does what he does for the shock value. It is extremely dangerous and thats is where the thrill comes from.Should something go, how do I say it, not as "planned" at Dorney and I am NOT there to watch, I don't think I would forgive myself!

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sws said:
That's because Canada is just a suburb of the US. :) Oh-oh, that's going to get some people pissed.

Y'all's ignant!

Well, there IS a town in the USA where the library is half in the USA and half in Canuckland.

It's called Derby Line, VT.,_Vermont

So, In some places you can't tell the Americans from the Canadians.

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Slight beef: Nik may be crazy, but I'm pretty sure he's not a bastard. You'd have to ask Terry and Delilah Wallenda to be sure... (

And Canada's Wonderland is in America. Not in the United States, but definitely in America (

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Sometimes I can't even walk that steadily on the ground.

I think at Dorney, he should walk between two towers of Cedar Fair trashcans piled 50 high.

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Bet that high wire guy is great at DUI stops.

(not that encourage/support such debauchery)

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