Crawford County moves forward with sale of Conneaut Lake Park

Posted | Contributed by Jason Hammond

Crawford County officials are moving forward with plans to sell Conneaut Lake Park at the county tax claim sale in September. The county commissioners approved engaging a Pittsburgh law firm to begin the process of legally preparing the various parcels of park property for sale.

Read more and see video from WJET/Erie.

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You see, this makes no sense to me.

The park was haemorrhaging money, and ran up a tax bill. Quite true.

However, as I understand it they are now making a small profit and paying current liabilities while also providing substantial employment.

Will the council not recover more by allowing them to pay back taxes in instalments?

Sounds like they have some banker's on the council. They would rather take cash now,whether or not they loose money on the deal than take the perceived risk of taking payments over a period of time. If they can recoup a sizable percentage of the monies owed they'll be happy.

Stick a fork in this park, should have died a few years ago...

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I don't think you guys understand how much money that is to local government. Just because people have warm and fuzzy feelings about the place doesn't make it exempt from the law.

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If the County were a hospital, the 850K would have already been written off as uncollectable. Sell the place, don't sell the place, that 850K isn't coming back...because no one can make the kind of money there that it would take to pay off all debts. And anyone with the kind of scratch to buy the park would in ALL likelihood recognize that.

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I guess not even Pepsi can save it now.

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