CP's Halloweekends on Halloween

The only times I've visited CP has been during Halloweekends leaving centra Pa. around 9 am on a Fri. and arriving at Breakers Express 7 hours later. I would do Fri. night and all day Sat., leaving Sun. morning to drive home.

I have a brother in law who wants to take his son for their first visit ever to the park using my schedule since his son has off school on the 31st.

I've always felt Fri. was the time to get a lot done on my visits since it wasn't as crowded as Sat. but since the 31st IS a Fri. I've suggested to him that he may not want his first visit to be that weekend and perhaps he should wait and try to visit in June next year.

Do you think my reasoning was just or should I just let him find out for himself?

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The last Friday tends to be busier regardless, as high school football is done and people are looking for something to do "around" Halloween. But ultimately it comes down to the weather. If the weather sucks, it won't be crowded, if not, will.

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Thanks Jeff, I'm not sure they were going to heed my advice anyway. They may be 'hell bent' on going regardless.

I do agree about the weather. One of my trips out there a friend and I drove all 7 hours in the rain of a tropical storm only to arrive at the hotel just as it stopped raining around 5pm. Got early entry and spent one of the most beautiful evenings ever at a park as it got warm, the sun setting across the bay and no crowds at all. I believe that was in 2002.

I never suggest Halloweekends as a good time to visit, especially for a first timer. Don't get me wrong, I think CP's event is decent, but the only time to put up with those kind of crowds is if you've been to CP at least a few times and don't care about missing a few rides. Friday is always the better of the nights crowd-wise, but I think Jeff is right about football friday night being done by then. Plus rides are limited on Friday, right? You (he) might also consider that here in Ohio the weather has been known to take a cold, nasty turn by Halloween. It could happen, and the park takes a forced risk when the calendar extends into November like this.

Having said all that, I just got back from a Sunday trip to the Point. It was almost a perfect day- the weather was beautiful and the crowds were light, with the coasters and majors running anywhere from walk-on to 30 min wait. The indoor haunts were operating with short wait times. The hotel parking lots were full when we drove by in the morning, (early ride time was at 10 today, with GP at 11) and that told me that they all visited the park yesterday/last night and were sleeping in this morning and driving home today. I was right.

That's ^ a mini Sunday trip report, I know. But it's too bad, if they have their hearts set on going to CP this fall, that the kid doesn't have Monday off from school, too... The Saturday night fright thing and Sunday ride time might be ideal situation for them.

A couple of weekdays in the spring would be better in the long run, I think! Maybe you can talk them into waiting.

The thing is I don't know if the Haunts will be of interest to them or not. Halloweekends was my first visit but then again I didn't have a 14 yr. old boy with me whose patience may or may not be able to handle the crowds.

When I first visited in 2000 I loved it so much that we drove back two weeks later and did the Fri./Sat. thing all over again. Weather wasn't as nice, MF in 39 degrees at 11:30 at night. From what I've seen over the years the attendance and the event have grown.

If they do go I hope they'll take time to see The Tell Tale Heart. First time in 2000 there were about 20 of us in the theater on a chilly, foggy night. That guy scared the crap out of us. Lots of eye contact since there were few people. Still gives me the willies (yes, the willies!).

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Unfortunately The Tell Tale Heart is no longer in the same location, and is not being told by the same guy this year. I haven't seen the new version yet though, so I can't compare.

Mark Small said:
Unfortunately The Tell Tale Heart is no longer in the same location, and is not being told by the same guy this year. I haven't seen the new version yet though, so I can't compare.

That's disappointing although I would certainly give the new actor a chance. Where is it being performed now?

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It's now in the Palace Theater. For more information see the "Trio of Terror at The Palace Theater" thread over at PointBuzz.

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