CPlaya 100 Park 3-Little A-Merrick-A (BulletPoint)

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ARRIVED: 1:00 pm after the most outrageous detour imaginable--ten miles to the north and meandering all over the place until you wind up about 8 miles past Marshall and have to drive back. Ready for the punch line? The most direct route wasn't actually closed, despite signs to the contrary. At least I've learned the alfalfa crop should be as good as it's ever been. :P

LEFT: 2:00 pm. After the detour I decided I had to let Santa's Village go and push on to SFGAM.

PARK APPEARANCE/ATMOSPHERE: Dinky. Most of the park rides are actually built on a former paved parking lot and you can still see the yellow lines. Nevertheless, the park has its own homespun charm despite the cemetary next door.

RIDE QUEUE TIMES: No more than 3-4 minutes, but they were almost all of the post-sippy cup set. I think every daycare center in town decided to attack en masse.

BEST EXPERIENCE: Climbing aboard various carnival staples I could only stare at as a kid.

WORST EXPERIENCE: (besides the drive) My first and last ride aboard a Chance Toboggan ....I'm way, way too tall to ride.

MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE: The humility it took to post the signs that they did. One such sign explained to the folks expecting SFGAM that the tiny park was still a work in progress

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: None worth mentioning.



Mad Mouse - actually on the low end of RQG tho definitely not Cold Fry Bad. The sharp turns are almost violent and the bunny hops into the station actually are.

Swiss Toboggan -I had to sit like a contortionist to get in and assume the shape of a question mark to look out the front window. Then came the bunny hops. Ow. But the kiddies of appropriate height sure seemed to have a great time with it.

Little Dipper - Are you kidding?

MAJOR NON-COASTER ACTIVITIES: Hit the Rollo-Plane and strolled through the Haunted House. I had fully intended to start screaming halfway through the ride to scare the other kiddies inside, but the kids in front of me were already squirting tears. I think one of them asked me to pick them up and carry them--and really meant it.

OTHER COMMENTS: Have you ever been on an amusement ride where you had to look at a bunch of dead people? Climb aboard the Rollo-Plane for a 'skyline' you won't soon forget.

I'll be back to the park as soon as the Comet goes up.

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The CPlaya 100--6 days, 9 parks, 47 coasters, 2037 miles and a winner.....LoCoSuMo.

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"... as soon as the Comet goes up."

So, are you just hoping they get it, or do you know for a fact they are getting it? I havn't heard a thing about that in months.

Deja Vu in the front seat makes V2 feel like a kiddie ride!

I sure hope the Comet goes up, cause if it does I'm gonna head up there. The Comet was my mother's childhood coaster, and one time she got the snot scared out of her when the lapbar came loose (no one was hurt, and that was so long ago the problem was probably fixed). It was from near where my grandfather grew-up, and even though I've never ridden it, it would have a lot of sentimental value.

HuKeD oNN fonickS dusinT wOrK"[;.

I live 20 mins away from the Comet and i only wish it would operate in its current location........

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone

They still need money. There is an email address here. Email them and ask how much more they need and how you can help. This ride would really help them.


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This park is technically my home park although I call Great America my home park. I only live about 30 minutes from this place. You didnt mention the train. The train itself is worth a trip there. Its like some model railroader set up a giant model train setup that you can actually ride. You get to see some neat animals like zebras and llamas. That haunted house scared me and I am an adult. I dont like anything that is pitch dark and stepping on trip levers so something buzzes real loud just isnt good for one's heart.

Bob Hansen

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"We are not responsible for anything the Demon takes or breaks"

I couldn't do the train thanks to the blasted detour. I was losing time and things were only going to get worse...but that's coming up next.


The CPlaya 100--6 days, 9 parks, 47 coasters, 2037 miles and a winner.....LoCoSuMo.

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