CPLady's Coasterbuzz Fall Affair at HW

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I could retype everything, but I've got a nasty eye infection and I'm lazy. Besides, I've included lots of photos.

Briefly, it was the best event I've been to. I've always been partial to the Coasterbuzz events, but this one is memorable in so many ways, not just for the coasters, but for all of the friends I from CBuzz I got to connect and party with.

So instead, I'll provide you with a link.

Holiday World

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Very cool! I enjoyed reading your TR! I always thought Ian was a handsome lad. :-)

Great pics, especially the ones of the Voyage........DROOL!


as like TimberFest. Great TR :)
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I have to agree that it was the best event I've been to. Rides and ERT by itself don't make an event, but the opportunities after it make it more solid. Good times.

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Lots of good reading, Linda. You are missed. :(

Take care, and thanks for being there. It was a good time!

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