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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 8:11 PM
It seems like half the time I'm at a park these days it isn't for a normal park day. This one is for the premier party of the Discovery Channel's "World's Largest Amusement Park" show at Cedar Point. They showed it on the IMAX screen, probably in the neighborhood of 33% of the screen, which is still fairly huge.

I'll write up a review of the show later, but I will say that it was surprisingly good. It wasn't overly sterile as I expected it to be. It really went behind the scenes and let employees be themselves.

The best part was probably the morning test rides for Millennium Force. You got to see real live bug splats on the camera. Good times. You'll enjoy it.

Then it was off to the reception. After PKI's food for the Tomb Raider announcement, this was going to be a tall order. They served better-than-average catered food (chicken tenders, deluxe wings, ribs... I think from TGI Friday's). However, the real score was the alcohol. I'm talking real live Canadian beer from a bottle, as well as wine. Best beverages ever.

People I chilled with: Me wife, Dan ("This one time, on Magnum") Haverlock, Mindy "Magnum'99" (don't remember last name), Jeff "Spartan" Armbruster, Scott "ShiveringTim" Short, Dave "RideMan" Althoff (Jr., dammit!) and Jo "LuvRaptor."

Speaking of alcohol, Dick Kinzel (CEO, Cedar Fair, LP) bought a round at Bubbles in Soak City for the show. No word on if he drank the margarita he had.

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