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Thursday, May 16, 2002 5:51 AM

This trip report is actually for two trips – Wednesday the 15th and last Friday. Friday was fairly busy because of physics day. Plus, with Raptor and MF down all down, the lines where longer for the other rides. Although still much shorter then on a Friday in July. Wednesday had a small crowd, even though the weather was perfect. Everything except WT and MF had a less then 10-minute wait.

The Blue Streak was a pleasant surprise. The ride just flies through the entire circuit. It seems like just about every rider was caught by surprise. I don’t know how many times I heard someone say ‘That was a lot faster then I expected!’

Mean Streak had the first hill trim brake turned off on Friday and the first half of the ride was blazing fast. Second half was still a snooze fest. Brake was back on Wednesday and the ride was it’s old boring self.

As usual, Magnum and Gemini where great. We rode these two rides more then any other. I still think Magnum is the best coater I’ve ever ridden. I could ride nothing but Magnum and Gemini all day and be happy. Magnum still has a lot of roped off seats (because of broken restraints I assume), including my favorite, the back, on one of the trains.

Raptor was closed until about 7:15pm on Friday. Didn’t bother riding because a long line quickly formed. On Wednesday, the line was less then 10 minutes and we waited for the front seat. I used to get a good amount of ear banging on Raptor (mostly in the cobra roll) which made the ride much less enjoyable. A little trick I figured out last year is to hold the shoulder harness as close to my body as possible. Doing that, I could ride all day and not have red ears.

Rode WT once each day. Used Freeway on Wednesday and only waited 15 minutes (normal line about 1 ½ hours). The back seat is definitely the prime spot. I like how the twisting on the back spike gives an unobstructed view of ground, even from the last seat. Compared to its cousin on the other side of town (which I like a lot), WT is neither better nor worse, just different. The twisting back spike is intense, but I still like the holding brake because it is so unnatural and unexpected.

We hit a couple or more rides and called it a day. The only problem with going to CP this early in the season is no night rides.

I am determined this season to spend as little as possible on food. I drank nothing but free water (who would pay 3.00 for bottled water when they give it away for free?). I did try one of the cinnamon pretzels – very good and worth the 3 dollars.

Overall a great start to the season.
Bob M.

Bob M.


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