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I traveled to CP from Orlando on 6/19 and 6/20. The visit started out very disappointing, because on the morning of 6/19 there were very few rides actually running. In fact, I think until almost noon the only coasters running were Corkscrew, Blue Streak, the Mine Ride, Mean Streak and MF (probably Disaster Transport, but never checked). Fortunately, as the day went on, many of the rides began to open up making it a bit less frustrating. Although, I was quite amused when they kept making announcements stating that a particular ride was down but suggested visiting one of CP’s other 68 rides, when in fact only a handful of rides were actually operational (mostly the kiddie rides).

I’ve visited CP several times, but this was my first visit since the year MF opened so was of course hoping that TTD would be open long enough for me to get at least 1 ride on it and also ride Wicked Twister for the first time as well. Although, during my entire visit Wicked Twister was not operational at all, and did not witness any test trains running either. But, to my surprise TTD was running on and off both days I was there and I did fortunately get a chance to get on it once. I waited for approximately 2.5 hours, which included some down time. I think that it is a great ride and was a lot of fun, but is certainly not my personal favorite, MF still holds that title for me.

Overall we had a really good time. I was there with a friend who had never been to CP before. But, once we maneuvered around all the down times the rides were experiencing, we did get a chance to ride all the coasters, except of course Wicked Twister.

I know I’ll get some flack for this, but… Do we see a theme here? MF has had many issues (including failing just as I was leaving the park on 6/20), Wicked Twister being down my entire visit, and TTD experiencing its problems. Seems to me the common denominator is Intamin… <the above statement meant as a joke, not to be taken seriously> :)
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That is too bad so many coasters were down. I was recently there, from NYC, and got on everything. I stayed at the Hotel Breakers so hotel guests were allowed in the park at 9 am a half hour before the public. TTD opened around noon that day. I was walking by when it opened so my wait was minimal. I agree with you the ride is a lot of fun, but not a personal favorite.

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