cp trip june 15-17

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 10:42 AM
Well I made my first trip to cp this year. Arrived on saturday around 5. Checked into the motel then went straight to the park. First ride was Mille. waited maybe 45 mins. Then my freind and I decided to walk over to ttd. We watched it launch a few times before we decided to ride it. Because we had an exist pass, we waited like 5 mins. Omg this ride is amazing. If you havent riden it why havent u?? Besides it always being down lol. Saturday was the only time I got to ride it. sunday it was down all day. monday it was open in the morning but closed again in the afternoon. Good thing about this trip is that I manged to rie mille for my 71st time. I hit 70 and 71 on Monday. I was sitting at 67. That was really it. Only rode raptor once. wicked twister 2x. Power tower 3x. Blue streak once. Maggie once. Monday there where long lines for everything. 90 min wait for mille. 45 mins for raptor. 30 mins for wt which actually wasnt that long. It was more like 20 mins. Not sure when I'm going back. Prob in september again.

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