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As part of a "get you off campus so you don't drink because of bordeom" strategy, the University of Dayton set up a cheap trip to CP for the day. Boy was it worth it.

TTD was down ( :( ), but the rest was all good. maXair was fun, but in the end a clone of Delirium (not bad, as it's my favorite flat), and I finally got a chance to ride Wicked Twiser. IMHO Volcano > WT.

Millie was great as usual, but at one point the ride broke down and they had to evacuate from the lift hill. Best ride of the day IMHO.

Gemini was fun as usual, offering a fun ride and the guest interaction makes it totally unique.

Mangnum also moved up on my list as it wasn't as bad as it was on previous trips, although the high praise it gets I still think is a applied a little thick.

That's about it for now, we did many rides twice as TTD was down.

That would be Kind of interesting to witness an evacuation from MF. I have always wondered how they do it. Do the riders have to strap on fall protection before they exit the train into the maint. cart? I would like to see it once, but I hate for rides to break when I'm at the park ;)

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

I was there too on the tenth and I had a great time. We were there the day before and the park was empty. We got to ride everything in the park. I even rode rides I don't bother riding because of the crouds. I lost 20 lbs before I went to CP this year so I could get on TTD and MF. TTD was down but I got 1 ride in on MF. I had just a little trouble getting the seat belt hooked but the rid op helped me out a little. I swear the belts are even smaller this year and I just can't see why they are doing this to the seat belts. I tried to go back on MF later that night and the seat belt on the yellow train seemed even shorter unless it was all the food I had that day. The ride op I had that time wouldn't help me out even though I just about made it, so I gave up and got off. I wish someone would come up with a better solution for this seat belt issue. By the way after loosing the 20 lbs. I weighed 250 lbs. The Magnum has ejector air and all they have for seat belts are seat belts everyone has installed in there car and know one falls out on it. I just don't get it. I don't blame CP but what was wrong with the origonal seat belts they had when MF was installed?
I had a friend there on the 10th that is returning tomorrow...I wonder if he was one of the lucky evacuees (on a related note...it seems kinda odd saying lucky and evacuee in the same sentence thanks to Katrina).

Any signs that TTD was down for the season at all?

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I was there on the 11th ... yes, many signs of it being down (at least to me). There was absolutely NO movement anywhere near the station or line. No employees were at the entrance to the queue to let people know it was down, just the signs. Signs were posted all over the property telling people it was down. And to me biggest sign: all 6 trains were neatly "put away" on the transfer tracks. From what I remember of other times, even when the cable was snapped, the trains were still sitting in the station or break run area.

As a side note: the 11th was DEAD, not a soul there. The longest wait of the day was 15 minutes for Magnum ... and yes that includes Millennium! Most rides were complete walk-ons!

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Thanks Brett for the update. I was just figuring that if the trains were missing from the transfer tracks, then that was a definite sign. I was looking on the webcam earlier and I thought I could see a train in the station, but, it must just be shadows.

I have been on the ride several times, I am just hopeful they get it up by mid-October so my friend who has never been gets to ride it.

Thanks again.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

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